Now More Than Ever, SHRM Will Help You Shape the Future of Work


As the world gets back to work, we know it won’t be business as usual. HR leaders are the ones who will put workplaces back together—with better-than-ever-before practices and policies that will help employers and employees thrive.

This is a key opportunity for our profession—and the purpose of our new Now More Than Ever resource platform launching today. As an HR practitioner, you’ve spent the past year demonstrating how vital your role is to the business. You worked around the clock, took unprecedented measures to keep your employees safe, and ensured that your organization survived. Now this is your time to be the strategic leader who reshapes company values and enforces a commitment to putting employees first.

But you can’t do it alone. Now More Than Ever opens the door to a wealth of tailored resources, delivered through a new microsite. Here you’ll find tools and pathways to help you navigate unforeseen challenges and changes, ensure colleagues treat each other as equals, retrain managers into effective leaders, redefine workplace culture, and inspire empathy in the workplace.

Now More Than Ever kicks off with two national commercials that showcase the value of HR from both the CEO and HR leader’s perspective, airing across major networks like Fox, CNN, Bloomberg, ESPN, Fox Business and more. SHRM is proud to highlight the singular role HR professionals will play in rebuilding businesses, reshaping company cultures, promoting previously untapped talent pools, advancing workplace equity, and so much more as we prepare for the post-pandemic world of work.

And not coincidentally, Now More Than Ever is the theme for SHRM21, September 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV. I hope to see you there, in-person or virtually!

We are excited to show the world how HR is shaping the world of work—now forever changed. SHRM is the partner HR professionals need now more than ever, as together we cultivate a better tomorrow for work, workers, and the workplace.

Let's start by making our employees the most important stakeholders as we accelerate the recovery and revitalization of the world’s workplaces.

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