No Extra Time on Overtime


Despite SHRM’s plea for more time to respond to the Department of Labor’s overtime proposal, the comment period on the proposed changes to the FLSA overtime rules is imminent….11:59pm EDT, September 4, to be exact!

Recall the DOL is accepting public comments on changes to the regulations defining exemptions from the FLSA: increased salary threshold, annual automatic updates, and potential changes to duties tests.

Obviously any changes to the overtime regulations will have a significant impact on EVERY organization, so it’s unfortunate the Department didn’t grant a comment period extension to allow for more time to provide input.

Therefore, it’s imperative for HR professionals to take action NOW!

Now is the time to tell the Department how proposed changes to the overtime regulations will impact your organizations.  It is critical that as many HR stories as possible are submitted by the comment deadline. SHRM will submit comments on behalf of our membership to the DOL this Friday, but the HR perspective needs to be shared with the Department of Labor and with members of Congress.

So go ahead and make your voice heard…………..before time runs out! It’s easy, just follow this link.




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