#Nextchat: Your Culture Stinks...But You Still Have to Hire!


We endlessly discuss, debate and dissect the topic of organizational culture; I myself tackled the subject just a few weeks ago. “Culture is the differentiator” we’re fond of saying. “To attract top talent we need to have an awesome culture!” we loudly proclaim from the rooftops. After all, as we learned via a report from The Institute for Corporate Performance (I4CP), the five domains of high performance organizations are: strategy, culture, leadership, talent, and market.

So culture - which is neither defined, owned or controlled by one person or one group - has become an HR buzzword. We talk about hiring for culture fit. We discuss brand culture with a desire for our employees to deliver a seamless and integrated branded customer experience to external audiences.  We also know that HR/recruiting professionals can neither manufacture a culture nor can they create ‘something’ out of thin air. Being false and inauthentic may garner more applicants, but are they the candidates who are coveted and needed?

The true market differentiator in talent acquisition is being real, honest and truthful with candidates in order to provide them with an honest version of the actual working experience at one’s organization. Your organizational dynamics may not include free beer on Fridays and holacracy; your company style may be old-fashioned, restrictive and controlling. And that’s....OK. That doesn’t mean it’s a ‘bad’ culture, it merely means it’s the culture for which you have to hire.

The reality is that HR professionals may be tasked with hiring for a challenging culture; perhaps a cultural environment with which the HR practitioner, as an employee herself, is not even fully aligned. When it “is what it is” how does the HR professional ensure the right talent is being sourced, recruited and hired?

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on November 19 for #Nextchat with special guest Robin Schooling (@RobinSchooling). We’ll chat about recruiting, hiring and managing a workplace when your culture stinks.

Q1. You can’t change your organization's culture, but have to HIRE. What do you do?

Q2. How do you develop an understanding of your organization's “true” culture?

Q3. How do you SOURCE the “right” talent that will align with your organization's culture?

Q4. How do you HIRE the people who will best align with your organization's cultural reality?

Q5. What role does onboarding play in cultural alignment? What works/doesn’t work?

Q6. How do you build common belief amongst employees regarding the culture they own?

Q7. Is it necessary to hire ‘outliers’ who don’t fit your workplace culture? Why/Why not?

Q8. What has contributed to your success when hiring for a challenging/horrible workplace culture?

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