#NextChat: Women in the Workplace

Number of female Fortune 500 CEOs: 21
Number of Fortune 500 that have zero female board members: 50
Percent that GDP would rise if women were paid equally to men: 5
Amount that women lose over the course of career due to not negotiating for raises: $1.5 million
It’s 2013 and issues of gender inequality are STILL plaguing our workplace. Why is it that women just can’t make it to the top?  Women have had this gender inequality so engraved in their minds that many women don’t even expect to get to the top, and don’t think it’s worth the fight in order to get there.  What advice can be given to women to show them that they can be top leaders in their organizations?
Women face a variety of issues in the workplace.  Among those include:
  • Pay – Women are often paid less than men, especially when getting further into their careers.
  • The Intimidation Factor – Most women who come off as strong as successful have a hard time being liked and are often seen as intimidating and mean.
  • Workplace Flexibility – Women are often tasked with juggling work and caring for a family.  The consequences of this can be deeper than what is immediately apparent.

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on August 21 for #NextChat with special guest Emily Jasper (@EmilyJasper).  We’ll chat about some of the most important issues that women are currently facing in the workplace and what they can do to get around them.

Q1. As an HR professional, what do you see as the biggest challenge for women in the workplace?
Q2. What is holding women back from overcoming those challenges?
Q3. Why are many women satisfied with less than men will demand out of a career?
Q4. How can a woman be strong and successful without being perceived as intimidating?
Q5. What advice would you give to women who have their eyes on executive leadership? 
Q6. What steps can an HR professional take to help women succeed in their workplace?
Q7. Can a successful woman realistically manage a career and a family?
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