#Nextchat: Winning the Talent War with #Workflex

As the workforce grows more complex, organizations are tapping into new trends to recruit and retain the best talent. With today’s four-generation workforce and the increasing globalization of business, #workflex is an imperative for today’s 21st century workplace. Employers that do not implement workplace flexibility programs run the risk of missing out on a huge talent pool.

The 2012 National Study of Employers (NSE) found that, among other things, employees in more effective and flexible workplaces are more likely than other employees to have:

  • Greater engagement in their jobs;
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction;
  • Stronger intentions to remain with their employers;
  • Less negative and stressful spillover from job to home;
  • Less negative spillover from home to job; and
  • Better mental health.

If you want to see some excellent examples of organizations winning with workflex, check out the 2012 Sloan Award winners.  

We want to hear from you as well.  What are you doing in your organizations to promote workplace flexibility and how has it helped with talent management and increased engagement?  Are you creating a happier and healthier workforce?  Share your stories!  

Join @weknownext at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, December 19 for #NextChat with Lisa Horn (@SHRMLobbystLisa), Cassidy Neal (@WhenWorkWorks) and SHRM’s workflex partner @FWINews.   

Q1: What are the benefits of #workflex to the employee and to the employer? 
Q2: What new #workflex strategies is your organization offering in 2013? 
Q3: How has #workflex helped your organization with recruiting and retention efforts? 
Q4: What business benefits have made implementing #workflex less scary to a hesitant manager? 
Q5: How has #workflex helped you to be a better employee or manager in your organization?   
Q6: How has #workflex improved or changed your life? 

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