#Nextchat: What's Out, What's In and What's Next for 2019





For HR professionals, change is inevitable. Change allows HR professionals and their organizations to remain relevant and competitive in an ever-evolving global marketplace. Savvy HR leaders are constantly looking at trends, recalculating routes and changing strategies to accomplish goals. Sometimes this means a lot of trial and error and “out with the old and in with the new” as they refine personal, professional and organizational strategies for the year ahead.

What’s out and what’s in for your HR world? We want to know how you plan to change things up in 2019 to make a fresh start, be innovative, or jump on new and promising HR trends. Join your fellow HR professionals from around the world as we get motivated to jump into 2019 with energy, enthusiasm and new ideas.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3:00 p.m. ET on January 2 for a New Year's #Nextchat: What’s Out and What’s In for 2019. We’ll have a lightning round conversation about the changes ahead for you and your organization in 2019.


1. Motivation:                       What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

2. Workplace wellness:        What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

3. Talent Acquisition:           What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

4. Candidate experience:    What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

5. Onboarding:                     What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____ 

6. Employee Experience:     What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

7. Benefits/Perks:                 What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

8Employee Engagement:   What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

9. Employer Branding:         What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

10. Workplace culture:           What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

11. Social media:                    What’s out? _____  What’s in? _____

12. Time management:          What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

13. Stress Management:        What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

14. HR Catchphrases:            What’s out? _____   What’s in? _____

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