#Nextchat: What Will Recruiting Look Like in 2024?

Much like the life of movie character Ryan Bingham, a corporate downsizer played by George Clooney, the future of talent acquisition is up in the air.

The transformation of recruiting over the past 20 years has been almost incomprehensible. In 1994, who would have envisioned that our resumes would be posted online for collective review and that recruiters would source candidates on the Internet, through platforms called Facebook and Twitter, via a smartphone at Starbucks?

Over the past 10 years recruiting has transitioned from newspaper classified ads to LinkedIn profiles, from paper to video and from talking face to face to Skyping screen to screen.

Privacy has completely vanished on both sides of the recruiting fence. Once upon a time, organizations with toxic cultures could hide the secrets within their four walls, unbeknownst to innocent and eager candidates. Now this knowledge is shared freely and publicly on sites like Glassdoor.com.

As we look back, all of these changes seem like a natural progression of society and technology to ensure a competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace. If this is the case, and we continue to evolve in a race for an ever-shrinking pool of talent, what will the recruiting industry look like in 2024?

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on August 27 for #Nextchat with our special guest, recruiter Danyette Foulks-Young (@foulksd). We’ll chat about the changes ahead for the recruiting industry.

Q1. Will the future of talent acquisition be based solely on finding and competing for the best passive talent? Why/Why not?

Q2. Will companies increase the use of skills-infested job descriptions or filter strictly on performance and potential?

Q3. How will the emphasis on marketing, PR, community building and employment branding change over the next 10 years?

Q4. In 2024, will talent teams run more like sales teams with incentives based on retention and impact? What are ads/disads of this model?

Q5. Will there be a candidate backlash to restore privacy and guard online information? Will privacy increase or decrease?

Q6. Will HR lead the marketing and communications efforts of their companies in 10 years? Should they? Why or why not?

Q7. What will college recruiting look like in 2024?

Q8. What is YOUR prediction for what recruiting will look like in 10 years?


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