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As the HR profession continues to grow in popularity and in mentions on “best careers” lists, more students are choosing to pursue studies in human resources management. A career in HR provides the flexibility to customize a career path while offering positive prospects for pay and growth.

Because HR is such a broad space with so many functions, specialties and “gray areas,” a first job in HR can be a daunting experience for any graduate. As with any profession, students often appreciate advice from industry veterans to help ensure a successful launch into the world of work.

If you’re an experienced HR professional and could talk with students preparing to enter the HR field, what would you say to inspire them?

What should they be prepared for?

What might surprise them?

What “hard lessons” did you learn?

What practical advice would you share?

Please join @SHRMnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on September 11 for #Nextchat. We’re inviting all HR professionals to share their advice on what students need to know to be effective and successful as they embark on careers in HR.

Q1. What types of extracurricular activities or experience (volunteer work, networking, etc.) are most beneficial for HR students before graduating and starting their first job in HR?

Q2. What should students look for in an organization, as they search for their first job in HR? What questions should they ask?

Q3. How can students leverage non-HR experience and create a unique value proposition to find their first job in HR?

Q4. What do HR students need to know about preparing to manage, develop and communicate with a global workforce?

Q5. What do HR students need to understand about how the digital transformation of HR is currently affecting the workforce and workplace? What trends should they be watching?

Q6. What advice would you give to students regarding the who-what-where-when of networking as they begin a career in HR? 

Q7. On which critical areas of professional development should a young HR professional focus during the first five years of their career?  

Q8. What is the No. 1 piece of advice you can share with HR students as they begin their careers in HR?    

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