#Nextchat: What HR Really Thinks About Core HR Software

How to be a smarter HR buyer using the wisdom of your HR peers


On March 4, TrustRadius released a report called The Buyer’s Guide to Core HR Software. The report is based on the reviews of more than 290 real users and reveals several important trends in core HR software. 

One trend is the desire for a core software to be intuitive, engaging, and have a user-friendly, social interface. HR wants software that they (and their employees) will want to use–not have to use. In the article “5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing HR Software,” TrustRadius senior researcher Alan Cooke states that “Many users of back-end HR systems, such as payroll and benefit administrators, may not have a technical orientation, and it is vitally important that these systems be very intuitive and easy to learn and use. User experience along with self-service abilities has become a key buying criterion for buyers today.”

Another popular trend is the desire to have some type of talent management software as HR continues its own migration from administrative to strategic.

And then there’s the data—lots of data. The report states that “HR reporting has come to be seen as more important than ever as HR data is now considered strategic to the running of any business.”

What’s your experience with core HR software?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on April 22 for #Nextchat with special guest TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat (@VinayBhagat). We’re inviting HR professionals and all users of HR software to share their own reviews of the software they currently use, as well as tips and advice for those in the selection process.

Q1.  What business requirements should be considered when evaluating core HR software?  

Q2.  How should you build a list of HR vendors to evaluate? 

Q3.  In the TrustRadius Core HR buyer’s guide, usability is a key criteria for users. What other capabilities need to be evaluated? 

Q4.  While analytical features are a hot topic in the HR space, it's not critical to HR reviewers. How important is it? 

Q5.  Should you pick an HR software that is best-of-breed or a suite? Why?

Q6.  How can you use review sites so you are better prepared to lead the call with the vendor?

Q7.  What are some of the key questions you should ask HR software vendors?

Q8.  What advice do you have for other HR pros currently evaluating Core HR software?

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