#Nextchat: The Value of Membership


Membership. It’s a frequently used term as organizations and businesses strive to build a cohesive relationship between their products and the people they serve. And while many forms of membership exist, there’s one unquestionable key to creating this connection: value.   

Mike Aitken, SHRM’s new senior vice president of membership, has spent nearly 30 years advocating for effective workplace policy alongside HR professionals, and is now working directly with them to build stronger connections with SHRM and all it provides. In a recent blog post, The Value of SHRM Membership, Aitken discussed the wide range of resources that a SHRM membership offers to HR professionals.

“Whether you are a student, a CHRO, a people manager or a business leader, we have what you need to succeed,” he said. “From online communities to professional development and volunteer opportunities, SHRM membership supports HR professionals throughout the entire course of their careers.”

And, as evidenced by the hundreds of local chapters across the country, the value of SHRM membership goes well beyond the national level. Local chapters provide members with in-person networking, professional development and opportunities to serve in their communities across the country. Aitken truly believes these chapters are a vital part of the membership equation. 

“They provide great networking, local educational programming, like SHRM certification prep courses and study groups, and further growth and development opportunities,” Aitken continued. 

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on December 19th for this week’s #Nextchat with special guest SHRM’s SVP of Membership Mike Aitken (@SHRMSVPAitken). We’ll chat about what makes SHRM Membership valuable to you, personally and professionally. Come ready to ask questions (if you’re new to SHRM) and share your experience—we can’t wait to hear from you!



Q1. As an HR professional, which #SHRM member benefit is your “go-to” resource that’s key to accomplishing your daily workload? Why?

Q2. As you look to 2019, what resource do you think will be most important in helping you get ahead and stay ahead in your workplace?  

Q3. From the standpoint of your #HR career and professional development, what has been your most valuable #SHRM member resource/ benefit?

Q4.  How has #SHRM membership changed your networking experience, both in-person and via virtual communities? How can #SHRM continue to improve upon these experiences? 

Q5. #SHRM’s members are an invaluable part of our advocacy mission. Share your experience with advocacy. What are the key issues for creating effective workplace policy in 2019 and beyond?

Q6. How has your #SHRM chapter membership enabled you to make a difference in your local community?

Q7. In closing, what’s one of your most rewarding experiences with #SHRM membership? 


If you missed this #Nextchat, you can read the RECAP with all the tweets here.


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