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The 2018 Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference & Exposition takes place September 11-14 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and I’m excited to be attending as a member of the HR Tech Insiders blogger team. I’ll be sharing the latest information on HR technology trends through #Nextchats, interviews with conference speakers and live-tweeting during the conference. 

One of the best parts of the #HRTechConf blogger experience is that I get to work with—and learn from—some of the greatest minds in the HR tech industry, and one of those great minds is the conference’s co-chairman, Steve Boese.   

In his article “The Three Things I Think About the Most When Thinking About HR Tech,” Boese outlines three important areas of consideration for HR tech planning that will enable employers to find and keep talent in an extremely tight labor market:  

  1. The War for Talent: Specific technologies can help an organization better compete in this extremely difficult environment. The most impactful HR technologies must help employers address current labor-market conditions: for example, a recruitment-marketing tool that can help showcase an employer brand and nurture candidates and prospects, an assessment tool that can identify top prospects faster and more efficiently than traditional resume reviews, or an analytical tool that can help employers better understand the micro market for talent in a region and role in order to support more competitive employment offers.
  2. HR Tech as an Enabler for Employee Happiness: The best, most interesting HR technologies usually find a way to help employees be happier, and it’s your job as an HR leader to understand what areas of satisfaction are most important to your workers today.
  3. Technology-Enabled Decisions: An HR leader should consider how the platform of the HR technology solutions they will assemble will help them answers questions like “Who is the best candidate?” “Who is the most likely to succeed in a stretch role?” and “How can we best utilize rewards to incentivize better performance?” What I think about—and I hope you will too when assessing HR technology—is “How does this solution lead to better HR/talent/people decision making?”

What else should HR be thinking about? 

Boese says that artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity and inclusion (D&I) are two big themes at this year’s conference. It’s a great time for HR to be learning more about—and experimenting with—AI. Not only can it help to build more equality and diversity into the workplace, it can help to lighten HR’s load by automating repetitive tasks.

What are you thinking about most when you think about HR technology?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3:00 p.m. ET on August 8 for #Nextchat with special guest Steve Boese (@SteveBoese). We’ll chat about HR tech trends and how HR professionals can make smart HR technology decisions to ensure the future success of their organizations.

Q1. HR leaders continue to use technology for business transformation. How has this changed the skills HR leaders and departments must possess?

Q2.  The labor market is extremely tight. What kind of HR tech solutions can help organizations better compete for talent in 2018?

Q3. As more workers value increased flexibility and schedule control, how can HR and HR tech adapt to these new, preferred means of working?

Q4.  Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from the latest buzzword to something more real. How is AI impacting HR?

Q5.  While diversity and inclusion (D&I) has been an HR focus for some time, more work is needed. How can HR technology help D&I efforts?

Q6. “Employee experience” has emerged along with AI as a focus area for HR technology. How can HR tech drive better employee experiences?

Q7.  What is your biggest complaint or pet peeve about current HR technology? How can HR tech providers better learn from HR professionals?

Q8.  What are some of the best methods and resources you use to remain informed and educated about the latest developments in HR technology?

If you missed this #Nextchat you can read the recap with all the tweets here.


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