#Nextchat: The Tangled Web of HR and Recruiting

When an organization sets out to find the best and brightest talent, the collaboration between HR and recruiters is critically important. Unfortunately, friction often exists between the two groups as they attempt to meet numbers and reach goals. This unfortunate dynamic increases the cost per hire and negatively impacts the success of the organization.

On top of all this lies the ambiguous layer of ethical icing that coats the whole process. Competition for a shrinking pool of skilled employees has intensified the argument over where to draw the line with “creative recruiting techniques.”  Can the pressure of competing for talent mire an HR or recruiting pro's judgment in matters of character and integrity?

Is it unethical to hire a competitor's employee directly, but acceptable if your external recruiter does it for you?  And what about referral bonuses to employees?  Do these incentives encourage the same type of behavior? 

Where do you draw the line, and will HR and recruiters ever learn how to play nice in this big, messy talent sandbox?

Join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 27 for #Nextchat with Nisha Raghavan (@TheHRBuddy).  We'll chat about the woes of recruiting in a talent-challenged world.

Q1.  Why does HR get frustrated with recruiters? How can this be fixed?  

Q2.  Why do recruiters dread working with HR?  What's the solution?

Q3.  What are the latest ethical dilemmas affecting recruiting as a result of the growing skills gap?

Q4.  How do you determine if an ambiguous recruiting practice is ethical?  Where do you draw the line?

Q5.  How has social media affected ethics in recruiting?

Q6.  Is it ever ethical to directly recruit a candidate from your competitor? When, how and why? 

Q7.  What are the best strategies for working with a third-party recruiter?



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