#Nextchat: The Job Board Dilemma


Back in the day (...around 2005), generalist job boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder ruled the recruitment landscape. But over the past ten years, they’ve been given a run for their money by niche sites, job aggregators, people aggregators and social networks that have made it easier for HR and recruiters to find candidates with precise qualifications. These newer sites have also increased job seekers’ chances of finding jobs that more specifically match their skills and experience.

Some argue that the generalist boards are going the way of the dinosaur, and also that social media sourcing is actually declining, and that aggregators and niche sites will rule the future of recruiting.

While opinions will vary about the efficiency and effectiveness of the various paths to posting, most will agree that job boards, aggregators and social media sites all have a place in the recruitment space. The future success of any of these sites will depend on their ability to produce search results that are specific and relevant to the users’ goals.

With constant changes in technology, and trends that come and go like shifting winds, how can a busy recruiter or HR manager know which sites will work best to successfully fill open requisitions?

How are you using job boards and social media to source and recruit, and where have you had the most success? What tips and tricks would you offer to those who are trying to figure out the endless maze of job posting possibilities?

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Q1.  Will generalist job boards eventually become extinct?  Why or why not?

Q2.  What are the reasons for the rise of job postings on social networks such as LinkedIn?

Q3.  Will aggregators like Indeed eventually rule the recruiting and job search space?

Q4.  In which industries have you had more success using niche job boards?

Q5. What advantages have you found in posting on job boards versus your own website?    

Q6. What are the best sites for sourcing passive candidates?

Q7. How is the rise of people aggregators affecting sourcing and recruiting?

Q8.  How will generalist job boards need to adapt to remain competitive in the future?

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