#NextChat Success - A Recap of our Twitter Chat on Social Media

There’s no denying that social mediais changing the way we work. From its emergence in the recruitingsphere to the way it is redefining workplace culture and flexibility, organizations and HR professionals are quickly adapting and growingwith each and every innovative step that social media takes.

As social media continues to grow, so does We Know Next. Last Wedesday, @weknownext jumped into the world of Twitter chats and along with special guest Matt Charney @MattCharney, we hosted our own #NextChat conversation to discuss social media’s impact and role with HR and recruiting.

Nextchatters agreed that some of the biggest myths or misconceptions about social media among HR and recruiting professionals are that it’s cheap and easy (@Matt Charney) and “that it is only a Millennial strategy” (@RuchiROI). Kyle Lagunas (@KyleLagunas) tweeted: “Anyone can use social media, not all can use it successfully. Have clear goals, then execute,” while Franny Oxford (@Frannyo) chimed in that “the risk of looking unprofessional is greater than the risk of losing potential applicants, customers and stakeholders.”

Here’s a highlight from some of the #nextchat questions.

  •  How does HR and recruiting fit in with the larger corporate social media picture? Allen Jerkens (@AllenJerkens) thinks “Teams need to work together on communication strategy to cross promote” and that organizations should “encourage employees to participate in company social media. They are the best brand ambassadors and provide genuine insight.” Sarah Lucas (@sjlucas07) raised an interesting subquestion: “HR and corporate need each other to be most successful on social media. But what if corporate is slow or afraid to embrace?”
  • Does employee social media use impact retention and engagement? Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean) says, “Yes, employee social media use can improve engagement if organization is listening & supporting.” Kyle Lagunas (@KyleLagunas) thinks “social media *can* do these things, but only if the company culture values basic SM principles. Not the case for all.”
  • What advice do you have for HR and recruiting professionals just starting out on social? Any lessons learned?Jeremy Roberts (@imJeremyR) tweetsJump in to the conversation, don't just tweet jobs and press releases!” Sarah Lucas (@sjlucas07) responded with “Corporate jargon doesn't work. If you want to succeed on social, get social. Try and fail and succeed. And repeat.” While Dave Ryan (@DavetheHRCzar) says “Get comfortable with 1 platform before diving 2 deep into the second one.”
  • How has social media impacted HR and recruiting today?According to Career Bliss (@careerbliss),Social media gives HR another way to evaluate candidates. Allows them to gauge online presence and Klout.” Sarah Hathorn (@SarahHathorn) tweeted “If you want to have the "best" people, you have to create an innovative and changing culture.” Allen Jerkens (@AllenJerkens) replied “Provide easy to use tools to extend recruitment brand, share company culture and communicate on regular basis.”


Finally, #Nextchat finished with a fill in the blank style question: “ The key to social media success in HR & recruiting is ___________ .” Do you agree that it’s “daily presence” (@Ray_anne), proper engagement (@scawley03), or “being genuine” (@jerometernynck)

Let us know YOUR thoughts!

Join us for #NextChat on Wednesday, February at 3:00 p.m. ET with special guest @Eric_B_Meyer discussing Social Media and HR – Policies and Legal Pitfalls

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