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The first few weeks of January are traditionally a popular time to set goals for self-improvement. The new year symbolizes a starting point, a new day to remind yourself:“You got this!”

The first quarter of the year is also a popular time for organizations to start new initiatives and projects. People managers are often tasked with finding creative ways to motivate the masses around a common goal and the change that often accompanies it.

Whether personal, professional or organizational, the excitement of new beginnings can wear thin with the burdens of day-to-day life, and as time goes on, it can be difficult to maintain the motivation necessary to keep going.

We have bad days and setbacks. We lose our drive and often want to give less or give up. This is when it’s important to find the whowhat and why that will inspire us to keep going. “Our weariness can cause us to quickly revert,” writes John Baldino, HR professional, president of Humareso and current president of Tri-State HRMA, in his blog post “New Year. New You.” “It’s harder than we imagine. And that’s why this time of year is most conducive for success. There’s more of us thinking the same things. We can find community more readily with easier accessibility. And without community, we’re likely to fail quickly on our new year goals.” 

How do you get motivated at the beginning of the year, whether for tackling personal or workplace goals, and how do you stay motivated as the year runs on? How do you motivate others? How can a community―online or in real life―be a great source of encouragement when you’re having a bad day or week … or year?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on Jan. 9 for #Nextchat: Sparking Motivation in the New Year with special guest @JohnBaldino. We’ll chat about how to get yourself and your workplace motivated as we begin the new year― and stay motivated throughout 2019.

Q1. How do you get motivated at the beginning of a new year or project or to meet a personal goal? 

Q2. Who motivates you personally and professionally?

Q3. What motivates you personally and professionally?

Q4. How do you motivate those on your team to accomplish goals?

Q5. How do you encourage employees after they’ve experienced a challenging setback or failure?

Q6. How do you motivate people, whether they are your direct reports or peers and teammates, through challenging periods of organizational change?

Q7. What’s the secret to motivating your team as a manager when you work for an organization with a horrible workplace culture?

Q8. How does your organization encourage employees throughout the year?  What regular consideration is given to supporting people?

Q9. What advice can you share about how to connect with communities for motivation, whether in real life or on social media?

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