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As the demand for talent continues to intensify, the year ahead will see new challenges as organizations race to innovate and refine their talent management strategies.  

Due to the massive revolution that’s occurring in the way organizations find and develop talent, HR professionals will require new competencies to strategically evolve their organizations—especially in the areas of predictive analytics and performance management.

Through technology, organizations now have access to vast amounts of data and need to understand how to use it to find patterns that will help drive better process, policy and hiring decisions. The demand for HR professionals who can interpret analytics, and use data to influence strategy and progress, will continue to grow. 

Additionally, new trends in performance management, where “no ratings” and more frequent feedback are replacing the traditional annual review, are becoming more popular, and HR professionals will need to find new ways to implement change within their organizations.

On December 14, SHRM will host SHRM Live 2016: Making the 21st Century Workplace Work—a virtual event that will take a deep dive into predictive analytics and performance management trends. Participants will learn from SHRM experts, external experts, and other HR practitioners and peers as they interact with each other in a thought-provoking livestreamed event—offered free of charge to SHRM members.

You can also follow the #SHRMLive16 event on Twitter and join us afterward as our weekly #Nextchat continues the conversation.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on December 14 for #Nextchat following the #SHRMLive event. Special guests will include:

SHRM experts: 

SHRMLive16 external expert presenters:


Q1. Why are traditional models of performance management and annual reviews failing in the 21st century workplace?

Q2. What are the elements of an effective performance management system in the 21st century workplace?

Q3. How are you overhauling performance management in your organization to be more effective and keep up with workplace trends?    

Q4. What are the top concerns for HR when changing the organization’s performance/annual review process?  

Q5. What specific data or analytics are most important for guiding the process of performance management? 

Q6. What are the keys to ensuring that HR is using data and analytics in the right way in the organization?

Q7. With little time to spend, what steps can HR take to make analytics a regular part of its daily/weekly processes? 

Q8. How can HR professionals acquire the competencies most necessary for success with HR analytics and performance management? 

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