#Nextchat: #SHRMLive15 — Human Capital Challenges for 2016 and Beyond

As the demand for talent intensifies, 2016 will see new challenges as organizations race to innovate and refine their human capital management strategies to remain competitive in the new world of work. 

Several factors are influencing the massive revolution that’s occurring in the global workforce and workplace, and HR professionals will require new competencies to strategically evolve their organizations to keep up with all this change.

On December 9, SHRM will host a live and interactive conference event that will address the most pressing human capital challenges on the horizon for 2016. Participants will learn from SHRM’s own internal experts as they deliver important information about HR trends that will affect the development and execution of future talent management strategies.

This program will provide relevant, research-based information, as well as specific steps that HR pros can take to lead in an ever-changing business environment.

Follow the inaugural #SHRMLive15 event on Twitter, and join us afterward as our weekly #Nextchat continues the conversation.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on December 9 for #Nextchat with SHRM leaders following the #SHRMLive conference. Special guests to include: Dr. Alex Alonso (@shrmresearchVP)Mark Schmit (@SHRMFoundation)Mike Aitken (@SHRMVPAitken), and Bettina Deynes (@bdeynes).

Q1.  What is the greatest challenge facing the HR profession in the next 10 years?

Q2.  How are global changes in the workforce and workplace forcing HR to revamp its capital management strategies? 

Q3.  What changes will need to be made to the organizational structure model to accommodate human capital management in the future?

Q4.  Why are traditional employee engagement strategies failing, and how will they need to evolve to be effective in the future? 

Q5.  How will performance management need to be overhauled to keep up with workforce and workplace trends in 2016 and beyond?    

Q6.  How should HR get their CEOs to focus on the advocacy issues they feel are most important in 2016? 

Q7.  What pending legislation or recently passed laws do you think will most affect the HR profession in 2016? 

Q8.  What HR competencies will be in greatest demand over the next 10 years, and how can HR professionals acquire them?



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