#Nextchat: #SHRM19 and What Happened in Vegas



The SHRM 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas will go down in history as one of our best ever with 25,000 attendees from 96 countries, 1,534 international representatives, 900 volunteers and 650 exhibitors.

Thousands of HR professionals have returned to their workplaces re-energized with new ideas and solutions to make work better.

This year’s theme was “Creating Better Workplaces,” and there was no better place than #SHRM19 for HR professionals to learn about all the latest trends and innovations happening in the world of work.

From inspiring keynote speakers and Smart Stage sessions to the new SHRM Studio and Workplace Convos & Coffee pavilion, there was something for everyone at this year’s conference.

Did you attend #SHRM19 or follow all of the action via Twitter and Instagram? What did you learn, what inspired you, and what new ideas are you implementing at your organization?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3:00 p.m. ET on July 10 for #Nextchat: A #SHRM19 conference recap. We’ll chat with attendees—and those #NotatSHRM19 who followed the action via social media—about what they learned and how the overall experience contributed to their personal and professional growth.


Q1. What is your most memorable “aha” moment from #SHRM19?

Q2. What was your favorite #SHRM19 session, and what key takeaway did you leave with?

Q3. Who was your favorite #SHRM19 speaker, and what did they say during their session that impressed you the most?

Q4. What valuable networking experiences did you find at #SHRM19, and what were some of your favorite “in real life” meeting experiences? (Please share your favorite photos!)

Q5. What SHRM Exposition booths and new solutions impressed you the most at #SHRM19, and which ideas do you plan to implement at your organization?

Q6. What new and innovative ideas from #SHRM19 are you excited to implement at your workplace to improve HR effectiveness and efficiency?

Q7. How did the conversations you shared with other HR professionals at #SHRM19 stimulate ideas for creating a better workplace culture at your organization?

Q8. In what way did the overall #SHRM19 experience help you to become a better HR professional?

Q9. What was missing from #SHRM19 that you hope will be part of #SHRM20 in San Diego?


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