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Is your organization finding the talent it needs to fill skills gaps?  Are you finding that it’s becoming increasingly necessary to develop the skills of your current workers or look for candidates in nontraditional labor pools?  The shortage of candidates with the right skills has forced employers to modify their talent acquisition and training strategies in order to find new skilled talent, and to reskill and upskill workers who are already on board.  

On January 27, SHRM launched the Getting Talent Back to Work Pledge, an initiative that champions the hiring of qualified individuals with criminal records--who have traditionally been shut out of the labor market. Similar programs to hire veterans, older workers and to modernize employment immigration are also in motion.

Last year, SHRM President and CEO, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. challenged the HR profession, with a call of Together Forward. He asked us all to rethink HR’s role in the world of work and called on us to do more in our organizations and in society. Now, as the “voice of the voice” of all things work, he is calling on the entire business community to help create better workplaces for a better world. “Reskilling, upskilling and tapping into underrepresented talent pools is the best we have to tackle the skills gap right now, but it won’t be enough,” says SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. “We are urging the Administration to consider policy changes that are in line with the changing workplace. We are asking every American to stand for policies that drive positive change in our workplace environments and flows out into the world.”

How is your organization coping with skills gaps, and how are you changing talent acquisition and talent management strategies for the future of work?

On February 1, SHRM Live – State of the Workplace will address some of the most pressing public policy issues affecting the world of work such as the economy, employment-based immigration, workforce development and more. SHRM Live will provide a dynamic and engaging conversation on the key issues impacting the world of work.

And join us January 30 at 3:00 p.m. ET for a special edition #Nextchat: SHRM Live – State of the Workplace for a SHRM Live to get an early jump on the conversation with your HR peers.      

Q1.  How are you modifying your talent acquisition strategies in response to new talent trends and to reach into untapped talent pools?

Q2.  What training and development programs are you providing to help upskill your workforce for the jobs of today? 

Q3.  How is your organization proactively forecasting and identifying future skill needs?

Q4. What are some of the ways you are working with your C-Suite to create a positive culture in your organization?

Q5. Does your organization have a program in place that facilitates the hiring of candidates with criminal histories? What are some of the important considerations of these programs?

Q6. How have employees with criminal histories had an impact in your organization?   

Q7. How are you helping shape policies that affect our workplace?  What are some of the key policy topics you’re focused on in 2019? 

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