9 Interesting Interview Questions That Actually Reveal A Lot About Candidates


Resumes and cover letters only give you a taste of whether a candidate is the right choice for your open position. The real insight truly comes from a great interview! With that said, if you aren’t asking the right questions, you may not get a true sense of the candidate’s technical skills and whether they are a good cultural fit for your company.

That is why I asked nine business leaders to share an interesting interview question that actually reveals more about a candidate. If you want your interview...


Important Skills for Your First Job in HR



Occasionally I get a question from a reader, such as below.  

Today’s question is about software, tools, and technology that HR pros should know about.

As I continue to try to attain entry-level human resources employment I find it difficult to overcome the issue I keep running into being ‘overqualification’. To overcome this I decided in May to expand my current skillset and work towards software certifications that might increase the chances of getting a role as a Human Resource Analyst. My questions are:

What are some software certifications I...


SHRM Foundation Develops HR Apprenticeship Program - Delivering a Talent Development Solution for HR


As employers rebuild, retool, redesign and reimagine their operations for the COVID-19-impacted world, the challenge of finding talent with the right skills to meet the ever-changing demands in the workplace has taken on even more urgency. Now more than ever, HR professionals have a significant role to play in leading their organizations through some of the toughest workplace challenges they’ve ever faced. HR needs to build organizational capacity to take on the new normal and deliver their organization’s goods or services, while also rethinking the systems and...


Hire Right. Fire Right -- 5 Reasons to Fire and the 5 “BE” Principles for Involuntary Terminations


When you are a human resource professional or hiring leader, firing right is just as important a part of your job as is hiring right. No one wakes up in the morning looking forward to terminating a staff member’s employment. In fact, people hate it so much they often wait far too long. While firing the right way won’t eliminate all the pain for either party, it will make the conversation much more palatable.

In any employment separation, voluntary or involuntary, most of us want to have clean and graceful closures....


4 Things You Can Do to Get Candidates to Open Your Emails!



I found some cool data that probably got overlooked a while back from CB Insights [1]. Now, this data is from 2016, but it’s super relevant!

CB Insights did some testing with their own email newsletter that went out to 175K+. A very big sample and the reality is they have the exact same goal as we all do, Get Candidates to Open Our Email!

These 4 things work really well in getting people to open your email:

1. Brand Names. CB found that using a big brand name like Apple, Google, Nike,...


Why Serve Employees When 47% Are Thinking About Quitting Right Now?



Forty-seven percent of workers are thinking about quitting right now.

Why expend time and resources serving people if they’re going to move on in four years?

1. Turnover stings

The only time turnover doesn’t sting is when you’re glad to see them go.

The people on your team today won’t likely be on your team in the future.

The median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.1 years in January 2020.

The median tenure of workers ages 25 to 34 is...


Moving with the Times: Why Partner Employment Access Contributes to Successful Global Mobility Policy #SHRMGMIS


Permits Foundation is delighted to be taking part in the SHRM Global Mobility and Immigration Symposium. In our session, the Foundation and guest speakers will focus on the issue of mobile partner employment access worldwide. We will explain why now is a perfect time for global mobility professionals to support employment authorization policy for dependents of international employees  - to help ensure that companies can continue to move talent internationally while also recognising the needs of mobile families in these challenging times.

In countries around the world, the political landscape...


What Leaders Forget When Leading Employees



When leaders need to hire, they first look at a resume. When leaders need to assign work, they do so based on skill set and past performance. When leaders promote, they consider potential leadership skills.

In each of these situations, leaders forget one very important thing.

Employees are more than just resumes, skill sets, histories of performance and potential leadership skills. There is a whole other side of them that, in my assertion, affects how they work even more than their education and experience.


By personality, I don’t just...