#Nextchat: The Natural Selection of Talent Management


Source. Interview. Hire. Turnover. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s a never-ending cycle as organizations struggle to find and keep the talent needed to run and develop their organizations. The competition grows smarter and more relentless every day.

Anxious employers are beginning to pay closer attention to the recruiting trends that they may have scoffed at in the past. It’s finally sinking in that the only options are “get on board” or “go down in flames.”

The trends that continue to top the list in 2016 are:

  • Employer branding—What are you doing to attract talent and keep the bad reviews off Glassdoor?
  • Internal recruiting—HR is boosting efforts to increase options for internal mobility and to develop current employees to have an internal talent pool from which to hire and promote. 
  • Talent communities and social networks—These have become a critical source for new hires as employers make employee referral programs a permanent addition to their talent acquisition strategy. 
  • Talent analytics—Usage is increasing and not just the traditional metrics like time-to-hire and cost-per-hire. Employers are looking at quality of hire—from new-hire performance to retention to hiring manager satisfaction, organizations want to know where weak spots exist and persist in their recruiting programs.

In the SHRM Online article 5 Recruiting Trends for 2016, Leela Srinivasan, chief marketing officer for Lever, is quoted as saying that “we’re finally getting to the point where people can actually trust and filter the data real-time within their applicant tracking and [human resource information] systems and use the data to make decisions about recruiting and managing employees.”   

HR is repairing the candidate experience as a way to recruit talent. William Tincup, CEO of HR consultancy Tincup & Co., says in the same article that in 2016, candidates will drive the frequency and medium of communication and will “expect text messages and regular status updates. If you can’t do that or , worse, won’t do it, you’ve already shown yourself as someone who’s slow to the game.”

A constant theme behind all the recruiting trends is the ability to build strong relationships with individual candidates and talent pools. Communication and community will be key to finding and keeping talent.  

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on June 29 for #Nextchat with special guest Vice President of Talent for Advanced Group, Jessica Merrell (@JMillerMerrell). We'll chat about the trends that employers need to adopt -- and adapt to -- in order to survive in the new world of talent management. 

Q1. What emerging recruiting trend is your organization most closely focused on this year?

Q2. What is one tactic that employers can implement immediately to improve or promote their employer brand?

Q3. How is/can your organization creating/create pathways for mobility within your organization to increase retention?

Q4.  What are the keys to creating practical and sustainable external talent networks and communities? 

Q5. With so many channels available today, why does communication remain a weak link in recruiting? How can it be improved? 

Q6.  Improving the candidate experience is an organizationwide effort. How can other departments assist HR in this endeavor? 

Q7.  People leave bosses. What are you doing to improve the quality of your people managers to boost retention rates?

Q8.  HR has little time for analytics. Which metrics provide the most insight into the strengths/weaknesses of talent management?

Q9. What qualities and skills do you look for when hiring a recruiter to grow your talent program?


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