#Nextchat: Recruiting Smarter with Artificial Intelligence



Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way, and the journey is not over yet. Not only can AI currently guide you to the best burger or the closest cup of coffee, it can also help you quickly and efficiently find the best job candidates.

“Whether it's sorting through multitudes of resumes or social media profiles to find the best fit for a job, analyzing the vocal tone or facial expressions of job candidates in video interviews, or keeping applicants apprised of their hiring status, artificial intelligence is moving rapidly from experimentation to mainstream use in the recruiting world,” writes Dave Zielinski in the SHRM Online article Recruiting Gets Smart Thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

AI can also juggle sophisticated analytics. IBM’s Watson, considered the best AI platform in the business, can look at an organization’s talent pipeline and past fill rates and use the data to review requisitions in the system. The results can assist recruiters with making more informed decisions on which open requisitions should get priority and why.

Not only can AI produce better hiring results, it gives recruiters more time to focus on those areas of the recruiting process where human interaction is a more critical factor for improving the candidate experience. While it may take a recruiter weeks to review a pool of applicants, compare their skills and experience, and select a group for interviews, artificial intelligence can now do that in seconds, as Dinah Brin wrote in Recruiting Bots Are Here to Stay.

Do recruiters need to worry about being replaced by AI? Not yet. While it may reduce the number of recruiters that are necessary for an organization, there will always be a need for human interaction in the candidate experience. As HiringSolved CEO Shon Burton says in ‘Siri for Recruiting’ Set to Debut This Year by SHRM Online editor Roy Maurer, “Coffee shops don't hire hipster baristas because machines can't make a good cup of coffee. They hire them because people prefer to buy their coffee from other people. I suspect in the near future, we will find many areas where we prefer humans over machines.”

Are you using AI in your daily recruiting efforts? Do you want to?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on February 22 for #Nextchat with special guests SHRM Online HR technology editor Aliah Wright (@1SHRMScribe) and talent acquisition editor Roy Maurer (@SHRMRoy).

Q1.  Do you already or would you like to use AI for your recruitment efforts?

Q2.  If you’re using AI for recruiting or other HR functions, is it working as expected? Why or why not?

Q3.  Some companies are using ‘chatbots’ to screen candidates—What do you think of the efficacy of such technology?

Q4.  What is your biggest concern with using AI for the recruiting function?

Q5.  Which parts of the recruiting process should never be replaced by AI?

Q6.  Do you think AI for recruiting is in any way unfair to job seekers? How and why?

Q7.  If you currently use AI to recruit, what advice do you have for HR professionals who will use it in the future?  

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