#Nextchat: Perfecting the HR Tech Implementation

If you’re in the human resources profession (or plan to be), you will most likely experience at least one—if not several—HR technology implementations throughout your career. Technology implantations affect every part of HR, not only the human resource information system managers, and they affect every part of the organization.

If you’ve never experienced an HR technology implementation, you’re in for an exciting challenge. 

Humans are generally resistant to change. Carefully preparing for each phase of the implementation will help result in a positive experience for the entire organization.

The implementation period begins immediately after the purchase agreement is signed and continues up until the time that the organization is fully using the new HR software.

An important goal of an implementation is to ensure that employees adopt the new technology and are using it to effectively accomplish organizational objectives. 

It’s also important that the new software is seamlessly integrated into the organization’s workflow and that expectations for training and future use are clearly communicated.

One of the biggest challenges of an implementation is setting realistic expectations for your management team and for employees. According to KeyInterval Research's William Tincup and John Sumser in their report Successful Implementations, “Increasingly, people’s experience downloading software in the consumer marketplace set the expectations for how a workplace implementation should go. If a smartphone app can be installed and running in two minutes, then why can’t enterprise software? The buyers sometimes have an unrealistic view that their consumer experience can be repeated at work.”

Whether you’ve experienced multiple implementations or are about to encounter your first, there are lessons to be learned—and shared.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on June 10 for #Nextchat with William Tincup (@williamtincup) and John Sumser (@johnsumser). We’ll be sharing tips and advice to help ensure your next software implementation is a successful one.

Q1. After a new technology is selected and purchased, what are the essential first steps in launching the implementation project?

Q2. Why is it important that employees understand the “project mission” before implementing new technology?

Q3. When introducing new HR technology, who from the organization should be on the implementation team?

Q4. What should a successful technology implementation checklist for HR technology include?

Q5. We know training is important. What specific training tips can you offer to those who are about to implement new HR technology?

Q6. Once an HR technology project “goes live,” how can HR continue the positive momentum and ensure adoption rates meet project goals? 

Q7. What are the best ways to gauge user satisfaction after an HR technology implementation?

Q8. What are the most common reasons that an HR technology implementation can go off track?

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