#Nextchat: Our Overwhelmed Workforce


We’re saturated. We’ve overwhelmed. The technology that was created to make our lives easier also generates more work. It has also given rise to new channels of communication that have further divided our attention—at the office and at home. Thanks to smartphones, “work/life balance” now means you can take your work with you wherever you go—including on vacation. There’s too much information, too many assignments, too many meetings and conference calls. We’re always on and live in a 24/7 workplace.

In his blog post “Both Work and Life are Better with Shorter, More Focused Work Days,” jobFig CEO Ravi Mikkelsen writes about the detrimental effects of a hyperactive workplace culture on our health and overall wellness, and how the new world of work has created “a vicious cycle of overcommitment and underperformance.”

Smart companies are recognizing “the emotional, physical and financial benefits of good time management and supporting their employees to have lives outside of the office.”

The organizations that create a true culture of balance for their employees will be the winners in the new world of work. As an example, Mikkelsen cites Slack, an enterprise communication startup “that eschews the 24-year-old, all-night coders for married-with-children 40-year-old programmers and 45-hour workweeks. They are growing like crazy and have a value of over $1 billion USD.”

How are technology and the 24/7 workplace affecting you—and the employees you manage?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on April 8 for #Nextchat with special guest Ravi Mikkelsen, co-founder of jobFig (@RaviMikkelsen). We’ll chat about the never-ending workday and the overwhelmed workforce.

Q1. How is technology making us less productive in the workplace?

Q2. As an HR professional, how do you see the overwhelming effects of technology and job stress affecting your workforce? 

Q3. Fears about job security compel many employees to take on too much. How can managers and HR help alleviate this?

Q4. Some employers shut off their company e-mail system after hours. Is this a good idea? Why or why not?

Q5. If overwhelmed at your job, would you be afraid to push back for fear of a low performance rating or losing your job? Why?

Q6. How is the 24/7 workplace complicating matters for HR concerning their nonexempt employees?

Q7. If your employer offered a nap room, would you use it? Why or why not?

Q8. What programs or benefits does your organization offer to help employees cope with job stress?



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