#Nextchat: One Recruitment Platform to Rule Them All



In just the past few years, goliaths like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook have entered the world of recruitment in a big way. Traditional vendors like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder are struggling to catch up, keep up and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive field.

At the 2019 SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition, Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman, from the award-winning “The Chad & Cheese Podcast,” will discuss the current landscape of players, both big and small at their session One Recruitment Platform to Rule Them All.  

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3:00 p.m. ET on March 27 for #Nextchat: A preview to the 2019 #SHRMTalent Session One Recruitment Platform to Rule Them All –   with special guest Chad Sowash -- @chad_sowash. We’ll chat about the thirty-thousand-foot view of the recruitment vendor landscape and how HR can be better equipped to evolve and adapt to this ever-changing field.

Q1.  What has been most surprising about the change in the recruitment vendor landscape over the past five years?

Q2.  How and why did you select the recruitment platform you’re currently using?

Q3.  What is your least favorite recruitment platform and why?

Q4.  What are your biggest complaints about LinkedIn as a recruitment platform? What are the pros and cons?

Q5.  Which recruitment platforms – big, small or niche -- have you had the most success with the past 12 months?

Q6.  How are you using creative strategies to optimize digital recruiting efforts and how do you evaluate the success?

Q7.  What is the most valuable advice you’ve received about talent acquisition and recruitment platforms in the past six months?

Q8.  What advice can you share about how HR can continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing field of recruitment platforms?


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