#Nextchat: Onboarding New Managers for Success


If you have a retention problem at your organization, take a close look at your people managers. Survey after survey shows that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Another reason—usually within the top five—is a lack of career development and advancement opportunities. Could onboarding programs that are specific to new managers fix your fluctuating retention and engagement rates?

In the blog post If You Want Your Managers to Be Successful, Onboard Them, author, speaker and consultant Sharlyn Lauby says that “few organizations give managers the prerequisite training and development they need to be successful,” and that while most companies offer new-hire onboarding programs to ensure the success of these new workers, “it’s time to do the same for managers.”

Just because an employee was an excellent individual contributor doesn’t mean that he or she is fully prepared to manage people. “Managers shouldn’t have to learn these new responsibilities on the fly. Or worst case, after they make a mistake,” says Lauby. Whether the topic is timekeeping, scheduling, the FLSA or the FMLA, “companies can create a manager onboarding program that provides the information they need to know on day one, in the first month, and during the first quarter.” 

Another important aspect of onboarding your new managers is to ensure that they understand the significance of developing and promoting the people they lead. They may also need to understand how to identify and train their eventual replacement

The organizations that take the time to prepare people managers for their new role will see greater success with their overall talent management strategies. “The goal of a manager onboarding program is to give new managers the tools they need to be successful,” says Lauby. “The company has made the investment of hiring or promoting this individual into a management position. Now it’s time to support that decision with onboarding.”

What is your organization doing to ensure that people managers have the training needed to be successful in their role? 

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on August 10 for #Nextchat with special guest Sharlyn Lauby (@Sharlyn_Lauby). We’ll chat about how employers can create specialized onboarding programs to ensure the success of their people managers and of their organization.

Q1. In your experience with new people managers, in what areas are they most lacking regarding skills, training and experience?

Q2. How can HR identify the factors that will impact each new supervisor’s success in his or her first role managing people? 

Q3. What specific topics should be covered in a new manager onboarding program?

Q4. What aspects of new-hire onboarding can be transferred to a new manager onboarding program? 

Q5. How can HR customize/personalize a new manager onboarding program to address each manager’s individual needs?

Q6. How can HR use predictive analytics to customize/personalize an onboarding program for new mangers?

Q7. How can HR create a culture of professional opportunity for individual contributors who want to move into management? 

Q8. What are the characteristics of companies that are getting new manager onboarding right? 


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