Nextchat: Next Generation Leadership

Today’s workplace is experiencing a revolution. Technology and the introduction of new methods of communicating, networking and collaborating have changed the way we do business and have created new challenges for leadership.

It's also a transformative era for the human resources profession. We’ve entered a unique epoch in history where four generations are intersecting in the workplace. Each carries with it deeply held convictions, attitudes, ideas and expectations about the value and meaning of work.

Of course, these challenges will exist any time a new generation comes of age, but younger professionals today have markedly different philosophies about the workplace experience and work-style design.  Millennials bring innovative thinking and ideas to the table. They are social, global and diverse.  To remain competitive, organizations must understand and adjust to these new norms, and human resources must be primed to lead the charge.

Will traditional leadership acquiesce to the “next generation” model of leadership that promotes participation, trust and influence?  As organizations struggle to get their arms around this conundrum, who will shepherd the migration toward a more progressive style of leadership?   And are workplaces ready to incorporate this disruptive, new model of management to accelerate it as an advantage?

Please join us at 3 p.m. ET on July 25 for #NextChat with special guests Ryan Estis (@RyanEstis) and Seth Mattison (@sethmattison). We’ll get their expert takes on the multiple-generation workplace and “Next Generation Leadership,” and we’ll want to know your thoughts, as well, on the following questions:

Q1. How do Gen X and Gen Y differ in their leadership styles?
Q2. What is the biggest challenge to organizations and to the workplace as multiple generations intersect?
Q3. How will social media and technology help to merge the great divide in leadership styles?
Q4. What role will HR play in merging Gen X and Gen Y leadership styles?
Q5. What can Gen Y do to help ease the transition to “Next Generation Leadership”?
Q6. How can Gen X and Gen Y leadership styles coexist peacefully without destroying company culture?


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