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One of out every five working Americans has left a job because of a toxic work culture. And 64 percent say managers have the greatest cultural impact. 

It’s time we have a serious conversation about culture in the workplace and the real impact People Managers have on morale, productivity and the business bottom line. 

We’re all experiencing it. The same issues influencing society today are the issues impacting culture at work, from the #MeToo movement to the health care debate and policies on pay equity. 

How can we create positive work cultures based on strongly held and widely shared beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure?

We can start by empowering managers, HR and executives to have critical conversations with and among employees. It’s the only way to really know if the current culture is in fact working.   

People Managers play a shared role, along with HR, in creating better workplace cultures that are diverse, inclusive, engaged, productive, profitable and satisfying for employees.

To create better workplaces, we must improve the culture that drives them, and that change starts with honest, constructive, critical conversations that lead to strategic action.

SHRM is driving positive change in the workplace, one conversation at a time and, on June 23, will launch a new campaign—Workplace Convos & Coffee.

Workplace Convos & Coffee calls on all stakeholders of workplace culture, including business executives, HR professionals and People Managers, to have crucial conversations about the philosophies that drive positive, strategic change and that lead to more inclusive, engaged and productive workplaces. The conversations will include topics such as management practices, discrimination, harassment, recruiting, the skills gap, pay equity, workforce development, diversity, inclusion, employee engagement, productivity, compensation, benefits and more. 

The launch will occur in the Workplace Convos & Coffee Pavilion located in the Connection Zone at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition and will be part of a larger initiative to create better workplaces for a better world.

As part of the new campaign, SHRM is excited to launch discussions around the #MyWorkCulture hashtag addressing the good and the bad of workplaces and how to make them better. Follow the conversation at #MyWorkCulture, and let’s talk about it.  

SHRM’s @shrmnextchat will get a jump on the conversation with the #SHRM19 Blogger Team—a talented group of HR practitioners, consultants, educators and business owners who truly understand what it takes to build engaged and healthy workplace cultures.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on June 12 for #Nextchat: Let’s Talk #myworkculture with special guests, the #SHRM19 blogger team. We’ll chat about the pillars of creating a healthy, thriving workplace culture and how HR can contribute to building the foundation.


Q1. What does workplace culture mean to you and what is your definition of workplace culture?

Q2. Who’s responsible for creating and maintaining workplace culture in an organization? Does it start at the top with the CEO or should it be championed by HR?

Q3. What are the pillars of creating a healthy, thriving workplace culture, and how can HR contribute to building the foundation?

Q4. 76% of executives say their organization has a defined value system, yet just 31% of employees agree. How can an organization understand its true culture?

Q5. What are the signs that your workplace culture is broken or in decline?

Q6. What are the byproducts of dysfunctional workplace cultures?

Q7. What advice can you share with other HR professionals about how to rehabilitate broken workplace cultures?

Q8. How can HR, people managers and executive partners build and manage strong work cultures?


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