#Nextchat: Is HR Ready for the New Era of Talent Acquisition?




Recruiting is no longer post-and-pray, cost-per-hire, and/or attempting to hire someone at the lowest possible salary (easy, easy—at least I now have your attention). The specialty of talent acquisition (TA) now has its own burgeoning global association, candidate experience now has its own awards and niche conferences now cover topics that didn’t exist as recently as five years ago.

Recruiting technology is filled with artificial intelligence and machine learning, talent aggregators, and Chrome extensions. The recruiting pacesetters are even learning how to program in Python and obtaining Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training. This all begs the question: Has TA jumped the HR shark?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on December 13 for #Nextchat with special guest Vice President of Customer Success and Chief Evangelist at Crowded.com, Steve Levy, (@LevyRecruits). We’ll chat about the ever-changing world of talent acquisition and what it will take to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Q1. HR should get out of the recruiting business: true or false? And why?  

Q2. Hiring managers should be in charge of hiring instead of HR: true or false? And why? 

Q3. How can recruiting become a collaboration between HR and hiring managers as opposed to the often-seen battle? 

Q4. What types of HR bureaucracy and red tape waste time and kill an employer’s competitive edge when hiring?  

Q5. How can HR disrupt its dependence on post-and-pray strategies, the same old talent resources, and even the tried and true resume, and become recruiting infernos?  

(Q6.) For this #Nextchat, in the spirit of Hermann Rorschach and #OMCchat, we’ll have a special "lightning round" where we will tweet a word or phrase, and you will tweet the first (and likely second, third, fourth...) thing that comes to mind.  To be revealed during the chat!

Lightning Round #1:  ?     

Lightning Round #2:  ?    

Lightning Round #3:  ?    

Q7. Final question: What is your single best tip for how HR generalists can be better recruiters?


If you missed this #Nextchat you can read all the tweets in the RECAP here.



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