Back in the fall, We Know Next published my blog, Why HR and the CEO should be joined at the Hip. According to SHRM, the blog struck a chord within the HR community. Conventional wisdom suggests the CEO’s most valued C-suite confidant should be the CFO. I’m not arguing that. During my CEO days, I was fortunate to work with two outstanding financial executives. I’m simply pointing out that a CEO has more than one hip, and with culture finally getting its credit as a key success factor, the time has come for HR to occupy a seat at the C-Suite table.

My rationale for elevating HR and asking more of it is this: Who better to advise and influence the CEO on corporate culture? Who better to recommend solutions regarding organizational health and workforce issues? Who better to identify talent from both a functional and cultural perspective? Who better to promote the CEO’s vision and credo?

For the next installment of #NextChat, I’ll join you to discuss the opportunities and challenges of introducing HR to the C-Suite. Join me on Wednesday, April 4 at 6pm ET to chat about this subject and to address some of these questions:

  1. Is HR ready to step up to the C-Suite?
  2. What roadblocks curtail elevating HR to the C-Suite? How can these constraints be overcome?
  3. What training is needed to develop the strategic HR executive?
  4. What benefits do you expect from organizations who install a C-Suite HR executive?
  5. What major companies/organizations are doing this well?
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