#Nextchat: Improving the Employee Experience with HR Technology



HR professionals are continually challenged by their CEOs and CFOs to find ways to increase efficiency while providing better communication, faster service and a more positive experience for employees.

HR is responding by making significant investments in technology to revolutionize every aspect of the employee life cycle.

Technology now influences nearly every aspect of an employee’s workplace experience, which allows employers to better hire, train, manage, coach, evaluate and engage workers.

New HR mobile apps now allow workers to rate their peers and to deliver instantaneous, honest and truly anonymous feedback to employers.

Performance management is no longer annual, as employers can gather data from a multitude of sources to enable real-time reviews. In the Tech Target article What Are the Leading HR Technology Trends?, Hive Tech HR President Jeremy Ames says that with new technology, “products are enabling the collection of feedback notes, coaching notes, social media contributions and endorsements from peers throughout the year.”

Employee self-service portals are also evolving and now deliver a more personalized user experience, incorporating new tools such as wearable technology and an expanding field of custom-made mobile apps.

As organizations enter the 2017 budget-planning season, it will be important for HR to arrive prepared with a knowledge of the new technology needed to stay competitive and the justification for spending the money required to obtain it.  

How is your organization evolving with technology to keep up to date with trends and stay competitive? Where are the weaknesses in your current employee life cycle, and which new technologies will provide the scalable solutions to encourage a culture of continuous HR innovation in the new world of the digital workplace?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on July 27 for #Nextchat with special guest President of Hive Tech HR and former member of the SHRM Technology Special Expertise Panel Jeremy Ames (@TheHCMGuy). We’ll chat about how organizations are evolving with technology to keep up with trends and stay competitive in managing the employee experience and life cycle.

Q1.  What is your organization doing to “disrupt” the employee experience by upgrading its HR technology this year or next?

Q2.  What HR technology upgrades/additions have your employees been requesting in the past 12 months?  

Q3.  How are you using and changing your HR technology to better welcome and onboard new employees?

Q4.  How has your organization personalized HR self-service portals so that employees will have a better user experience?

Q5.  How are you using or changing technology in your organization to enhance employee collaboration and teamwork?

Q6.  What technologies have you implemented to help foster greater levels of employee engagement?

Q7.  What new mobile apps have you added (or will you be adding) to your current HR technology to improve the employee experience?

Q8.  How can technology be used to provide employees with a better pulse on their execution of goals and on their job performance?


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