#Nextchat: #HRSocialHour Takeover- Summertime Special



Summer is here and your employees would rather be anywhere but at work. How do you keep employees motivated June through August? Please join @shrmnextchat on July 3 for an #HRSocialHour / #Nextchat special edition. We’ll chat about all things summer in the workplace including workflex, interns, ways to keep employees productive and more! Please use both hashtags during the chat and follow #HRSocialHour host Jon Thurmond for the questions.

Q1. What’s in your glass and what’s on your July 4 celebration menu? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q2. How do you keep employees motivated and productive during the summer months? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q3. What types of special workflex or other seasonal or compressed schedules do you extend to employees during the summer? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q4. What tips and advice can you share for making summer interns feel welcome and for ensuring they are receiving the best personal and professional development experiences? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q5. What does your organization do to add some fun for employees into the summertime workday or week? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q6. What big plans do you have to celebrate Independence Day – or for any summer vacations or travel around the globe? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat

Q7. How can the global community that has grown through the #Nextchat and #HRSocialHour conversations help you to develop and be more successful in the second half of 2019? #HRSocialHour #Nextchat


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