#Nextchat: HR's 2012 Performance Review

We all know that a strategic human resources function is critical in today’s competitive global market, but many top-level executives still believe that HR is ineffective and consistently fails to provide value.  You can read all about HR’s continued woes in a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit/KPMG. They obviously didn’t interview your CEO, who would have told them about all the amazing things you’re doing at your organization.

“I believe there is often a gap between the ambition and rhetoric of talent management and the practice on the ground.” - Tim Payne, KPMG

Maybe in 1992, but now? Common. We don’t believe that for a second. If you successfully dodged a major employment lawsuit this year (with the help of The Employer Handbook) then hats off to you. Seriously, we know that many of you now practice way outside the box of traditional HR, and this report fails to recognize the game changers out there who are creating the new face of human resources. 

SHRM @WeKnowNext wants to wrap up an inspiring year of HR success stories by hearing from you.  We want to know all about the brilliant ideas you implemented to become totally effective, completely strategic, and to positively affect your organization’s bottom line. Who’s influencing you and how are you interacting with other HR pros to learn and grow the profession?

Did you develop a dazzling, new employer brand with an interactive career webpage, or fill 187 job openings using only Twitter?  Did you convince your CEO to allow unlimited work-flex, a reverse mentoring program or unrestricted use of social media to accomplish goals?  How’d you do it?

Please join @weknownext at 3pm ET on December 5 for #Nextchat with Eric B. Meyer(@Eric_B_Meyer)  -- a true HR trail blazer in his own right.  We’re going to talk about how HR is changing the way we do business in the 21st century.

Q1. What was the biggest HR victory for you and/or your organization this year?  Tell us your success stories!

Q2. What was the best use of HR social media at your organization (or that you saw at another organization) in this year?

Q3. What is the BEST and most valuable HR blog or blog post that you read this year? How’d it help you?

Q4. Who did you meet in 2012 that really influenced you – and/or your HR career?  What did they teach you?

Q5. What are the biggest opportunities for HR in 2013? What will cause the biggest headaches?

Q6. How can HR better avoid social media and other employment lawsuits in 2013?

Q7. How can HR pros connect and better support each other in 2013?

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