#Nextchat: HR, What’s the ROI on Your RBI?

I’ve Gotta Measure It, Too?

Baseball season has arrived and it’s interesting to note the correlation between metrics-based decision making in baseball and HR.  Metrics based decision making actually helps baseball – and other sports teams -- assess the value of their selections and determine the costs and benefits of trading up or down for draft picks.  It’s a lot like managing the top talent for your organization.  Trading up and down?  Well …

Effective metrics are the key to achieving tangible results.  Good data and its accompanying analysis are how smart companies make solid decisions that affect the bottom line.  And since employees (and benefits) are the highest cost for any organization, human resources is at the crossroads of it all.

With a multitude of metrics available to measure, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers.  It’s important that HR pros focus on providing information that will prove the ROI on their decisions and that will show how they are supporting company goals. 

What are you measuring?

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on April 3 for #Nextchat with Joey Price (@JVPSaid).  We’ll chat about how HR is using data and metrics in organizations today.  

Q1. As an HR pro, are you measuring metrics? Which ones?
Q2. Which metrics do you find the most helpful in proving an ROI to your executive leaders?
Q3. Which metrics are your CEOs, COOs and CFOs actually asking for?    
Q4. How can HR pros incorporate metrics and data analysis into their daily routines?
Q5. How can HR pros determine the best ways to gather and analyze metrics and data?  Where can they go for help?
Q6. When/How are HR benchmarking services helpful for data analysis and metrics?  
Q7. Are HR metrics and benchmarking a waste of time for a successful, “Best Place to Work” type of company? Why/Why not?

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