#NextChat: HR Silo Busting

Organizational silos are fueled by a cocktail of culture, attitude and burdensome process design, and can plague businesses ranging from Fortune 500 leaders to 10-man start-ups. They also create an environment in which sharing and collaborating for anything other than the interest of the silo is nearly impossible.

In a company where HR has little contact with outside departments, it’s easy for the function as a whole to become complacent with the status quo and for innovation to become stifled. However, in today’s rapidly evolving business environment, maximizing talent and working across the organization is vital to increasing the bottom line.

Human resources departments and professionals can work toward building an ecosystem focused on communication and idea sharing across the enterprise.  When HR partners with key business groups such as Finance, IT, Marketing and Customer Service, it can be more effective in the organization. By removing silos, HR can better accomplish its goals and build a stronger and more fruitful employer and corporate brand—both internally and externally. 

As an HR professional, how are you working to communicate and collaborate with other departments in your organization?  

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on October 2, 2013 for #Nextchat with special guests Chris Ponder (@ChrisPonder) and Holland Dombeck (@Holland_Dombeck). We look forward to chatting with you as we answer the following questions:

Q1. How does a siloed HR department affect an organization, other departments and  employees?

Q2. How can organizational silos negatively impact the employer and corporate brands?

Q3. How can HR become a better partner to Finance, Marketing, IT, etc. to accomplish its goals?

Q4. How can HR work with Customer Service - often the front lines of corporate brand - to improve engagement and morale of employees?

Q5. What are some ways in which HR can partner with Marketing/Communications/PR to build and promote employer brand?

Q6. What social platforms or technology are you using to encourage cross communication at your organization?

Q7. What is one small step that HR Pros can take today to begin to build a relationship with another department?

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