#Nextchat: HR’s 2016 Performance Review



In 2016, the HR profession continued to employ the hottest trends and keep up with changes in the areas such as employment law, technology and talent management.      

Data-driven recruiting, the employee experience, the new overtime rule and employee classifications were some of the most talked-about developments in 2016. A transition to continuous, real-time feedback in lieu of annual reviews was also a movement that employers began to slowly acknowledge, if not adopt, in 2016.

As we enter the home stretch of 2016, @shrmnextchat wants to hear from you.

What trended in your HR world? What brilliant ideas did you implement to positively affect your organization’s bottom line? How did you become more strategic and more efficient and increase the credibility of your role? What worked? What didn’t? What kept you up at night? What did you learn that inspired you?  

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on November 23 for #Nextchat.  We’ll chat about HR’s performance in 2016 and opportunities for growth and advancement in 2017.

Q1. What do you think worked well for the HR profession—and for you and your HR department in 2016?

Q2. What were the greatest challenges for HR professionals in 2016? What kept YOU up at night?

Q3.  How did you or your HR department use data for recruiting in 2016?

Q4. What talent management lessons (the good, the bad and the ugly) did you learn in 2016?

Q5. What technology did you implement in 2016 that significantly increased the productivity/effectiveness of your HR department? 

Q6. How did you modify your employer brand in 2016 to keep up with workplace and workforce trends?

Q7. How did you use data and analytics to show HR's ROI and KPI in 2016—and what data did your CEO value most?

Q8. What unique benefits and perks did you add in 2016 to attract talent?

Q9. What’s the most important “HR lesson” learned in 2016, and how will it change your plans for 2017?


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