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There’s no question that the human resources profession has seen dramatic shifts in the past 10 years. We’ve experienced transformation on many technology fronts in the workplace, which has provided HR the opportunity and ability to shape, define and implement the people practices that will drive a business’s success in the new world of work.

There has also been a movement for the development of competencies that support HR’s transition from tactical to strategic in areas such as effective communication, business acumen and critical evaluation. These competencies are the foundation for leadership where HR can be fully integrated throughout an organization to help create a thriving workforce and a healthy workplace culture. 

It’s time to move beyond traditional HR practices and transition to an exciting, relevant alternative that can work in all types of organizations to improve cultures for better workplaces.

How can HR professionals ignite and take on the mantle of leadership that will contribute to success? In his book "HR on Purpose !!," #SHRM19 speaker and VP of human resources at LaRosa’s Pizzeria, Inc., Steve Browne called for HR professionals to take ownership of who they were and what they did in their roles in organizations. Now he’s urging folks to take the next step from Ownership to Leadership.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET May 8 for #Nextchat with special guest Steve Browne (@sbrowneHR). Steve will help us discuss how HR can assume a leadership position both personally and professionally and develop a leadership style that demonstrates HR's value to an organization. 

Q1: What obstacles keep you from leading in your current HR role?

Q2. What are the most important skills for HR professionals to possess in 2019 to transition from ownership to leadership?

Q3. In what ways can HR professionals be more “intentional” in their daily work to transition from ownership to leadership?

Q4. What does it mean to you to practice “HR on Purpose”? What are you doing to find and create more purpose in your HR role?

Q5. Leading intentionally through all you do is important regardless of the level of your current HR role. What are some simple ways HR professionals can be more intentional and impactful in their daily roles?

Q6. Develop, develop, develop — growth is an ongoing continuum that has no end. How are you growing into a leadership role in HR and developing those on your HR team?

Q7: How can you lead in your HR role to influence, shape and move your company forward?

See Steve Browne LIVE at #SHRM19 !! Attend the Mega Session “HR Rising!!: From Ownership to Leadership,” Monday, June 24, 3:00-4:00 p.m. Make sure you reach out to meet Steve in person. He welcomes that and would love to connect !!


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