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“Steve Browne is geeked. Those who follow the HR leader and blogger on Twitter will know exactly what that means. Even if you don’t, these three excerpts from Browne’s new book, HR on Purpose!! (Society for Human Resource Management, 2017), will make it pretty clear: He’s excited—about people, human resources, and the future of business and the HR profession.” ~Editors, HR Magazine

What does it mean to practice “HR on Purpose”? 

HR on Purpose is a new approach to HR. It’s about throwing out the conventional attitudes of what HR should be and focusing on the possibilities of what HR could be.

HR on Purpose starts with putting your people first. Browne encourages HR professionals to spend more time with employees and to be a safe haven for workers who are aching for someone to acknowledge them, believe in them and give them the time of day.

HR on Purpose challenges outdated stereotypes and encourages the practicing of HR intentionally with respect to relationships, communication and culture. “I know you want to make HR matter to yourself personally and to your organization,” writes Browne. “It starts with you taking the step to break the norms and barriers that exist all around you. Be with your people. They are longing for someone to see them, listen to them and pay attention. Trust me when I tell you that as soon as you stop using your desk to confine you, then HR will become worth doing.”

What if your organization doesn’t support this simple but powerful culture- and engagement-builder? Then, Browne says, don’t stay there. “If your senior leadership thinks spending time with your employees ‘just because’ is a waste of time, then leave that company. I guarantee that HR will never have a prominent place within that type of culture because the people are more inconvenient than valued.”

Whether you see him speak in person, follow him on Twitter or read his new book, you’ll understand why Steve Browne is so excited about the new age of HR—HR on Purpose !!.  And as the HR Magazine editors concur, “one exclamation point may no longer seem sufficient for expressing your excitement.” 

How can you practice HR on Purpose in your organization? 

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on June 28 for #Nextchat: HR on Purpose !! with special guest Executive Director of HR for LaRosa's Pizza and author of HR on Purpose !! Steve Browne, @sbrownehr on Twitter.

We’ll chat about how HR professionals can commit to practicing HR on Purpose.


Q1. HR on Purpose is about blowing up the old ways of doing things that hinder communication and relationships. How are you challenging the norms currently practiced in your HR department?           

Q2. HR on Purpose is about spending time with employees. How can HR spend more time with employees? How are you spending more time with the people in your organization?   

Q3. How can HR focus more on being proactive strategists and less on being reactive fire-fighters? What are the best ways to promote proactivity in HR?

Q4. HR constantly swims in an “ocean of gray,” which can often cause career fatigue. What steps can HR pros take to stay focused and connected to avoid burnout?

Q5. HR professionals should model the behavior they want to see in others. How can you start today?

Q6. Only dead fish go with the flow. What are some ways HR can go against the flow and across the flow to create a better workforce and workplace?

Q7. Culture starts with HR on Purpose—and you have a chance to define it. What are you doing to define culture at your organization?

Q8. HR pros can be a positive force to help each other since peers cope with the same kind of work. How have other HR professionals helped you? How have you helped others?

Steve always encourages folks to connect, so make sure to follow the people using the #Nextchat hashtag and continue your conversations and relationship beyond our weekly #Nextchats. If you’d like to get a copy of Steve’s book, follow these instructions.

We’re geeked that SHRM is now an Amazon affiliate !! Amazon is currently taking preorders for the Kindle version ($14.99) and the paperback version ($24.99) of Steve’s book. The Kindle version will automatically download to devices this Friday (June 30) or before. We are working on getting an inventory of paperback books in soon. We’ll keep you informed about when they arrive.


Here’s the link to preorder your copy of HR on Purpose !!: https://store.shrm.org/hr-on-purpose-developing-deliberate-people-passion.html


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