#Nextchat: HR as Social Architect


Human resources professionals have a new role in their workplaces—they are now the social architects of their organizations. 

Social architects promote and grow social capital. What’s social capital?  Social capital is made up of the resources available to an individual through that person’s relationships and connections with others. Resources include information, ideas, expertise, trust cooperation and goodwill. In addition, talent management efforts get a significant boost when social capital is added to the mix.

It’s important for HR to not only possess, but to also teach their employees social skills and a “connection mindset,” and to help them understand the importance of building relationships inside and outside of the organization.

To foster better relationships in the workplace, sometimes it’s important to lower the walls between our professional and personal lives. And HR can help here, too. For example, HR can encourage more meaningful connections between employees by creating a place or a platform where employees can share stories and celebrate personal accomplishments.

HR can also build connections by creating meaningful activities that support special causes that are important to employees and by providing tools that make it easy for employees to unify around common interests.

Jason Lauritsen, director of the Best Places to Work program for Quantum Workplace, will present a session at the SHRM 2016 Talent Management Conference & Exposition titled HR as Social Architect: Six Strategies for Maximizing the New Talent Equation. In this session, he’ll discuss how the new equation for talent is about building human capital (knowledge, skills and abilities) and social capital (the value that exists within relationships) to unlock your organization's true capability for innovation and performance.

What are you doing to encourage social capital in your organization? How are you helping your employees to create stronger relationships, build better connections and develop better networking skills?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on April 13 for #Nextchat with special guest Jason Lauritsen (@JasonLauritsen). We’ll chat about the ways HR can become the social architects of their organizations and help employees to build better social capital.

Q1. What are the best ways to cultivate an internal social network in the workplace?

Q2. What benefits does an organization gain when employees are well-networked inside the organization?

Q3. What impact does it have when employees are well-connected outside of the organization?

Q4. How can HR improve talent management by being social architects and building up the social capital of their organization?

Q5. How can HR work to make connectedness and networking a component of performance?

Q6. How does the strength of employees’ networks impact innovation efforts?

Q7. How can employers encourage and support employees’ efforts to build their relationship networks?

Q8. As an HR professional, how do YOU grow and nurture social networks outside of your organization?


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