#Nextchat: HR 2025


What does the future hold for our workforce and our workplaces?

This is one of the questions that circulated through a gathering of 30 HR and social media futurists, influencers and thought leaders as they discussed their predictions for what the world of work would look like in 2025. 

As the Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations LLC and founder of The Aristocracy of HR, Janine Truitt took part in this IBM-PureMatter think-a-thon titled “The Future of Work.” The subject matter was so socially compelling that the event’s hashtag — #newwaytowork– trended globally as a curious audience tuned in to get a glimpse into the future.

Truitt wrote about her experience in the article “A Global Look at the Future of Work” and describes participants' visions of simulated careers, free agents, virtual workspaces and “robots having governance over pretty much everything.” 

The idea that “humans will relinquish more and more control as technology advances presents a pressing question for HR professionals: If careers are obsolete, and people can work via simulated workspaces with a bevy of robots running about our communities and companies—what will HR’s role be?” 

Several HR functions are already outsourced or automated by technology that can process almost every transaction within the employee life cycle. What areas are likely to be automated in the future? Will “smart robots” with internal screening software be able to scan job boards, read online resumes and screen candidates by keywords? If they also have a built-in smartphone, will they be able to text candidates and schedule interviews in Outlook and conduct the initial video interview via Skype?

How will this trend affect the future of HR professionals? Will all morph into the role of strategic business partner, or will they need to become extremely specialized in order to make a mark and advance their careers?

For those who are entering - or transitioning - into the HR profession, how and where should they focus their efforts for career success? 

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on February 25 for #Nextchat with special guest Janine Truitt (@CzarinaofHR). We’ll chat about how HR can stay one step ahead of the major changes that will be occurring at our workplaces.

Q1. What functions in HR are now quickly being replaced by robots or self-service functions?

Q2. Which additional HR functions are likely to be automated in the future? 

Q3. For those who are entering the HR profession, how and where should they focus their efforts for career success?

Q4. What will future HR teams look like (a hierarchy, flat or networks,) and how will it change the way HR works in an organization?  

Q5. How will HR need to change various stages of the employee life cycle in response to the growth of a free-agent workforce?

Q6. How will HR address the constant threats to both internal and external information security breaches?

Q7. How will HR be able to keep a largely mobile and/or virtual workforce engaged and aligned with company ideals and culture? 

Q8.  In what areas will HR professionals need to become extremely specialized in the future in order to make a mark and keep their jobs?


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