#NEXTCHAT: How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling Without Getting Cut

As we all know, the glass ceiling is the invisible and sometimes impenetrable barrier that prevents women of talent from rising as high as men of equal talent.  While we undeniably have made progress as a society, men still have disproportionate power at the top in most organizations.

When I have described glass ceiling issues, I have had some men dismiss them because they’ve never experienced them. I have never experienced labor pains, but I would be a fool to dismiss their existence simply because I never have experienced them.

A lot has been written on how organizations can shatter the glass ceiling. It goes beyond the legal imperative. It's a question of ensuring top talent in the top seats, and the organizations that understand and practice this will maintain a huge competitive advantage. 

Join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on October 17 for #NextChat with special guest Jonathan Segal (@Jonathan_HR_Law).  We’ll chat about how women are handling glass ceiling issues in the 21st century and answer the following questions:

Q1.  Why does the “glass ceiling” continue to exist, even well into the 21st century?  

Q2.  How does limiting the potential of women limit an organization’s competitive potential? 

Q3.  How can women ensure that their talents and skills are recognized in the workplace?      

Q4.  Why is it important to create and nurture alliances with male leaders and mentors?  (What if the man you work for is a knuckle-dragger and thinks women belong in the home?)

Q5.  How can women support other women in the battle to break the glass ceiling? (What if the one senior woman in your group wants to stay the only woman and keeps other women down?)

Q6.  What words of encouragement can you give to women just entering the workforce?

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