#Nextchat: How HR Can Build a Dream Team


If you attended the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in June (or followed our SHRM bloggers), you probably heard a lot of buzz about leadership, coaching and developing great teams—especially from keynote speakers Mike Krzyzewski and Marcus Buckingham. While “Coach K” challenged HR to make every employee feel important and to implement guiding standards over rules, Marcus Buckingham emphasized the critical importance of the team leader in organizations.

HR—Focus on Your Teams

Traditional management models have always focused on the top-tier leaders. Progressive organizations in the new world of work, however, are directing their energy, attention and resources to the local team leaders to ensure that they have the necessary tools and information to recruit, develop and manage effective teams.

Developing and managing a winning team in the workplace has many parallels to coaching a winning sports team. In addition to the tools, training and information that both kinds of teams need for continued growth and development, both also require an atmosphere that encourages, trust, cooperation and communication.   

HR plays a huge role in cultivating the climate for team growth and success by recruiting—and internally developing—effective team leaders while ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to channel their individual skills, experience and talent into personal and organizational success. As Buckingham noted at the close of his speech, “The challenge for HR is to take what is unique in people and help them turn it into something useful.” 

How are you building healthy teams and team leaders in your organization?

Please join @shrmnextchat on July 29 for #Nextchat with special guest Dan Cross (@CrossOverHR), senior HR consultant at Capital One Financial Corporation and member of the SHRM Young Professionals Advisory Council. We’ll chat about what it takes to create a dream team in your organization.

Q1. Which aspects of coaching a successful sports team can be used to create successful workplace teams?

Q2. What traits do you look for when recruiting or internally developing team leaders in your organization?

Q3. What are you doing to develop effective team leaders in your organization?

Q4. How are you encouraging the growth of healthy teams in your organization?

Q5. Coach K says that guiding standards are better than rules for teams. What workplace rules could be replaced by standards? 

Q6. What poor leadership qualities or environments will destroy a team—both in sports and in the workplace?

Q7. In what ways can HR create winning atmospheres for the leaders and teams in their organization?

Q8. If you could hire one college or professional sports team coach to lead your organization, who would it be and why?


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