#Nextchat: Hiring Veterans - A Goldmine of Talent

Employers and recruiters continue to bemoan the lack of skilled talent in the U.S., while at the same time overlooking the masses of returning veterans whose skills and experience make them a goldmine of talent for organizations looking to fill highly skilled positions. In the Forbes article “Why a Veteran Might be Your Next Best Hire,” Shane Robinson asks: “How are businesses still struggling to find good talent when it appears to be abundant?”

One reason is that employers and veterans still struggle to speak the same language on resumes and during interviews. One of the largest obstacles to employers hiring vets is skills translation.

The SHRM Online article “Hiring Vets the Right Way” highlights the story of veteran William Castro, an airplane mechanic who found a job working on Audi automobiles. “At first he wasn’t convinced that the Audi job was for him; he hadn’t given much thought about the crossovers between his technical skills of fixing military aircraft and working on high-end automobiles,” the article states. But the Audi Veterans to Technicians program provided the assistance he needed to show how his skills could fit this position.

While veterans possess many valuable skills in the areas of STEM, communications, logistics, project management and human resources strategy, they can also positively influence the culture and the value of leadership in an organization.

“The veterans we’re cultivating today were forged in the fire of a long war and actually volunteered to join that fight. That’s pretty unique in our history. And we’re just now seeing how good these men and women really are.” ~ Co-founder and COO of ID.me, Matthew Thompson

In a world where employers now must balance business strategy with worldwide political and economic instabilities, a veteran’s global vision and focus on discipline, character and integrity can greatly influence and contribute to an organization’s internal stability, growth and success.

According to ID.me founder Matthew Thompson, veterans’ ability to creatively solve problems in the face of unprecedented situations is a quality startup ID.me has found immensely valuable.

How is your organization successfully finding, hiring and integrating veterans?

Please join @weknownext at 3 p.m. ET on October 15 for #Nextchat with special guest Army veteran and SHRM Director of Social Engagement Andrew Morton (@SHRMSocial). We'll chat about how veterans are now serving civilian organizations by improving the leadership and cultures of their workplaces.

Q1. What programs or policies has your organization successfully implemented for veteran recruiting?

Q2. What programs or policies has your organization successfully implemented for onboarding and integration of veteran new hires?

Q3. How was your organization able to overcome the skills translation problem so that you could find and recruit talented veterans?

Q4. How can veterans’ overseas experience and global worldview help a global organization or one looking to expand globally?

Q5. How do veterans positively influence and improve the cultures of the organizations that hire them?

Q6. Veterans make great leaders. How has hiring a veteran positively influenced your organization’s culture of leadership?

Q7. What challenges and barriers still exist to finding and hiring vets, and how can we overcome them?





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