#Nextchat: Hacking HR – Little Things that Make All the Difference




HR can be a complicated profession. Hiring, onboarding, training, performance, benefits, employee relations, compliance, strategy, frameworks, workplace planning, culture ... and the list goes on. Even with all the latest technology—designed to save time and provide a better experience—there are still strategies and systems that can be updated, changed or completely rebuilt so HR can work smarter and not harder.

The ability to find innovative ways to uncomplicate working with people is key to creating a happier and more productive workforce—both inside and outside the HR department.  

According to Ben Watts, CEO of wattsnext Australia, and Sue-Ellen “Sel” Watts, founder of wattsnext Australia and founder and CEO of wattsnextPX, “We strongly believe HR can become overcomplicated and packed with so much jargon. What are the little things in each area of HR that make a real difference in an organization? What are the hacks that encourage tangible transformation?”

Ben works with hundreds of fast-growth businesses across the globe every year and says that his teams will “trial, test, invent and play with HR-related ideas in their own ‘experimental hub’ before implementing them with their clients. Time and time again, we find it is the ‘little things’ that move the dial the most!”

Sel is a huge advocate for simplification and focusing on only what really matters. She says, “overcomplicating and overworking HR gets in the way of high-performing and highly engaged workplaces” and she wants every HR practitioner “to keep it simple and think hard about what the true impact is we are creating.”

How are you keeping things simple at work? How are you making complicated tasks less complex?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on August 21 or #Nextchat with Ben Watts (@wattsnextBen) and Sue-Ellen “Sel” Watts (@SEL_Watts). We’ll chat about the simple and authentic actions—the ‘little things’—that make workplaces special and how are you infusing these experiences into every phase of the employee life cycle.


Q1. If you could hack one process in your HR department today to make it less complicated, what would it be?

Q2. What is a simple innovation you created to attract candidates?

Q3. How have you hacked your onboarding process to have your new recruits settled and performing faster?

Q4. What simple ways do you use to make internal communications better heard and understood?

Q5. What are some simple and cost-effective ways to recognize and reward employees?

Q6. What simple and cost-effective activities do you do to differentiate your culture?

Q7. What are examples of the ‘little things’ that HR can do each day to make your workplace kinder, more appreciative and happier?

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