#Nextchat: Global Fusion and Workforce Inclusion

As organizations have become more welcoming and, in many cases, keenly interested in actively recruiting diverse employees there is much discussion about what constitutes an inclusive workplace.  This is a challenge for many organizations at the local and national levels. 

When organizations go global, or have an international mix of diverse employees at a single location, inclusion takes on added complexity through additional layers of cultural considerations such as language, local cultural norms, and sometimes greater divides in socio-economic privileges among employees. 

Please join us at 3 p.m. ET for #Nextchat with special guest Jennie Walker (@luminaryglobal1 ).  We’ll explore the challenges and opportunities of global diversity and inclusion in organizations.  We invite your thoughts, questions and best practices.  Even if your organization is not yet global, this chat will provide you with stimulating discussion to help enhance diversity efforts in your organization.  We’ll discuss the following questions:

Q1. What advantages has your organization experienced in hiring a diverse mix of employees?  

Q2. How do employees’ varying social, educational & economic privileges affect inclusion in global operations?  

Q3. What elements of global diversity have presented the most challenges to inclusion efforts in your organization and why?

Q4.  How can organizations be inclusive of varying communication styles and cultural behaviors?    

Q5.  How can organizations use social media to foster better inclusion in global operations?  

Q6. What are some lessons and best practices that have made your organization more inclusive of global diversity?

Q7. Thinking beyond what has already been done in your organization, what more can we do to foster global inclusion?  


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