#SHRM22 Speaker Spotlight: Jennifer Lee

It was so great to catch up with Jennifer Lee and chat a bit about her upcoming session at #SHRM22: "Empathy Plus Accountability Equals A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Organization". This session caught my eye since we speak a great deal about Accountability in our workplaces in addition to Empathy in leadership as we strive to build positive, productive and healthy organizations. 

This session will be available both In-Person and to Virtual attendees on Sunday, 6/12 at 1:30 PM CDT

My interest is piqued and I wanted to ask Jennifer a bit...


Mainstay: How We Are Empowering Employers to Attract, Retain and Develop Workforces

Mainstay is a 2022 WorkplaceTech Accelerator (WTA) cohort member. The WTA is a premier program for all things future of work and is powered by SHRMLabs (SHRM’s innovation lab and venture capital arm). Our inaugural 8-week virtual accelerator program is currently underway and is designed to scale up early-stage, growth-driven startups dedicated to elevating HR and solving today’s most pressing workplace challenges. We asked each of the six cohort members to share their story in their own words.



It's No Laughing Matter. Or Is It? Understanding the Importance of Humor in the Workplace

I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Schwem who is presenting at SHRM’s annual conference next week in New Orleans. Throughout our engaging conversation Greg shared his experiences and insights and we enjoyed a few chuckles as well. Frankly, I left this exchange feeling uplifted and recharged. All this from a brief chat, so one can only imagine the positive outcomes from a full conference session with Greg!

As a business humorist...


#SHRM22 Speaker Interview: DEI&B Series Part 3: Nicole Butts - SHIFT: A Framework for Transformational Cultural Change in DEI&B

I was so excited to connect with Nicole Yeldell Butts, President of NLYB Solutions, about her upcoming session at #SHRM22 in New Orleans. Nicole has 20 years of experience as a DEI executive, strategist, coach, facilitator and speaker who specializes in transforming executives into inclusive and equitable organizational leaders. Her session, SHIFT: A Framework for Transformational Cultural Change in DEI&B, is offered twice:
  • Tuesday, 6/14/22, 2-3pm Central 
  • Wednesday, 6/15/22, 8:45-9:45am Central

Q&A with Kim Ades, #SHRM22 Speaker and Leadership Coach!

One of my favorite things about being on the blogger team for the 2022 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is chatting with speakers and vendors to learn more about them and create some pre-conference buzz! Leading up to #SHRM22 June 12th-15th, I have a few blog posts lined up to introduce you to speakers and vendors! I can’t wait to #CauseTheEffect in New Orleans this year....


#SHRM22 Speaker Interview with Steve Browne…Grilled and Well Done!

One of the true pleasures of networking with others in real life or on social media, is when you have the opportunity meet some amazing people. We had the opportunity to have a fun conversation with one of those amazing people that we have both connected with, Steve Browne.

If you work in human resources, chances are that you have or will connect with Steve Browne, as he is literally everywhere! Steve is the author of two amazing books, “HR on Purpose!!” and “HR Rising!!” For his day job, Steve is the...


Knowledge of the Supreme Court Helps #CauseTheEffect

The Supreme Court of the United States. Seldom, if ever, in the Court’s 232-year history have those seven words elicited such intense feelings from so many people. Yet, my experience with an admittedly small sample – surely a scintilla – of the American adult population indicates that few have a working knowledge of the Court’s history, purpose, structure, or processes. If you fall into that category and want an interesting and entertaining way to learn about the Court, join me at the #SHRM22 mega session, “The Supreme Court Speaks . . . Are You Listening?”...


A #SHRM22 Speaker Interview with Tina-Marie Wohlfield

Last year, I attended SHRM21 in Las Vegas. While Las Vegas isn’t my most favorite place in the world, I was so excited to be in a place where so many of my HR friends were. I had made plans to meet up with my friend Paula for dinner and Tina-Marie Wohlfield, a very good friend of Paula’s was there too. Of course, a friend of Paula’s is a friend of mine! SHRM21 was Tina-Marie’s first SHRM national conference and she was also speaking at the conference. If I...


HR Can #CausetheEffect in TA with Technology: A Convo with #SHRM22 Speaker Tim Sackett

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with fellow #SHRM22Influencer and speaker Tim Sackett to talk about all things #SHRM22 and #TA.  Tim is a Talent Acquisition expert, author of “The Talent Fix” and an HR leader who is helping to #CausetheEffect every day.

Tina Marie:  Tim can you share a little about what we can expect from his session “Your ATS In Not Enough! Recruiting Tech and Strategies to Attract More Talent

Tim:  The concept of my session is around what does HR need besides an ATS. ...


Why the Future is Bright For HR Leaders

In the past couple of years, we've experienced more work-life-changing events than we could have ever imagined. Things happening in business today, therefore, have a sharper focus on the human element than in the past. 

This week, we hear from Jim Link, the new CHRO at SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. 

Jim is an Atlanta-based business consultant and former Fortune 500 executive specializing in equipping leaders with the tools needed to build best-in-class, inclusive workplaces that drive revenue and profitability.

His experience includes roles of increasing responsibility in human resources, mergers and acquisitions, and...