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As U.S. employers continue to expand globally, one of the biggest challenges they encounter is talent acquisition in other countries. Different cultures, laws and expectations can make finding the right workers―or any workers―a difficult task, and mistakes can be expensive.

One of the first steps in creating a plan for global expansion is to get as much information as possible about the new location. It’s important for HR and hiring managers to understand their new market. In the HR Magazine article Finding the Right Talent Around the Globe, author, speaker and workplace expert Alexandra Levit advises that “a company should begin thinking about a global talent acquisition strategy as soon as it knows it wants to move into a foreign market.” The article continues, “HR professionals can play a lead role in developing that strategy, perhaps in collaboration with global consultants, academics, industry experts, and government and local authorities.”

What should employers consider as they build the plan? They should understand how and where to source candidates, and how workers in that country look for jobs: What are compensation and benefits expectations? How are employees classified? What are the best ways to communicate and build awareness for your employer brand? Will the new location be staffed initially with local hires, expatriates or a mix of both?

These are all questions that will help shape the strategy, but it will also be important to begin meeting with people and building relationships to understand the culture, politics and society.

Talent in different locations may have varying expectations for what an ideal candidate experience looks like, and it will be up to HR to ensure its talent acquisition strategies will meet those expectations to win and keep talent.

What are your experiences with hiring in other countries?

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Q1. What are the biggest challenges associated with global recruiting and hiring? 

Q2.  What are some key considerations for sourcing talent in other countries?

Q3. What do HR professionals and hiring managers need to know about conducting interviews in other countries?

Q4. Compensation and benefits expectations can vary widely from country to country – What are some important considerations for employers when hiring in other countries?

Q5. When hiring for a new location in another country, with whom should employers be talking to and meeting with to get the hiring lay of the land?

Q6. When hiring for a new location in other countries, what are the pros and cons of hiring locals versus expatriates?

Q7. When hiring for a new location in another country, what are the best ways for employers to build awareness for their employer brand?

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