#Nextchat: Empowered HR Professionals Help Employees and Organizations Thrive



This #Nextchat was created by the SHRM Foundation's 2017 Summer Intern, Amanda Tinkleman.

When employees thrive, organizations thrive. According to a report published by the SHRM Foundation in 2016 and sponsored by Globoforce, Creating a More Human Workplace Where Employees and Business Thrive, employees need two things to thrive in the workplace:

1) a sense of vitality, or feeling alive every day, and

2) regular opportunities for learning.

To meet these needs, the report outlined seven key strategies:

  1. Share information about the organization and its strategy.
  2. Provide decision-making discretion and autonomy.
  3. Create a civil culture and positive relationships.
  4. Value diversity and create an inclusive atmosphere.
  5. Offer performance feedback.
  6. Provide a sense of meaning.
  7. Boost employees' well-being.

How do you help employees thrive? What strategies do you focus on as an HR professional?

The SHRM Foundation, SHRM’s charitable affiliate, is dedicated to empowering HR professionals to build inclusive organizations where all employees thrive and organizations achieve success. Through the SHRM Foundation’s solutions for inclusion issues, learning opportunities and scholarships, and opportunities to make a difference in their local communities, HR professionals can help employees thrive.

Join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 2 for #Nextchat with special guests SHRM Foundation @SHRMFoundation, Mike Wood, @MikeWoodTweets, Globoforce’s social media manager, Greg Stevens of The WorkHuman Institute (@workhuman) and associate professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Christine Porath (@PorathC) . We’ll discuss these seven strategies and how you can empower your employees and help them thrive.

Q1. How do you empower yourself as an HR professional? How do you empower employees?

Q2. How do you share information about the organization and its strategy with your employees?

Q3. As an HR professional, how do you turn mistakes into learning opportunities -- for yourself and for your employees?

Q4. How do you help your employees feel alive at work?

Q5. How do you value diversity and create an inclusive atmosphere in your organization?

Q6. As HR professionals, how are you using your skills to impact the local community?

Q7. How do you offer positive feedback to your employees?


Learn more about the SHRM Foundation at shrmfoundation.org.


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