#Nextchat: Employee Value Proposition and Employer Branding Go Hand in Hand



If you’re having problems attracting and keeping the right talent at your organization, one of the first things you’ll want to review is your employee value proposition (EVP).

What’s an employee value proposition?

It’s a declaration that describes how an organization wants to be perceived in the eyes—and hearts—of its employees. It’s why employees want to work for your company. It represents the company's values and principles and helps set the stage for developing an employer brand. The EVP and employer brand—if thoughtfully constructed—will work together to enhance talent acquisition strategies and encourage greater retention.

When looking to create or revise an EVP, leaders must first understand the existing perceptions of its workers. What aspects of your workplace culture do they value the most and why do they enjoy working there? What do they tell others outside the organization? This information will help to create an EVP that defines life at your organization, which in turn will be the foundation of your employer brand. As Mofota Sefali, manager of diversity and inclusion (formerly talent acquisition manager for channels) at Tiger Brands in the Johannesburg area of South Africa, wrote in her blog post Employee Value Proposition and Employer Branding Go Hand in Hand, “candidates want to see what life would be like at our organization through compelling story telling. Organizations need to be in tune with social media trends, and to constantly review analytics to understand talent needs and wants.”

If you’re a great place to work, consistently communicating a captivating EVP and employer brand through internal and external talent acquisition and marketing channels will help spread the word. And employees are powerful brand ambassadors when they can plant the seeds of interest that will grow outside.

Is your EVP working hard—or hardly working—to attract and keep talent?

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3:00 p.m. ET on February 20 for #Nextchat with special guest Mofota Sefali (@Mofota). We'll chat about how employers can create winning employee value propositions that translate into attractive employer brands.


Q1. Why is it important for HR to carefully create and maintain their organization’s employee value proposition and employer brand?

Q2. What are the keys to creating an employee value proposition that represents your organization’s values and ideals. What else does it represent?

Q3. How can employers understand what perceptions employees (and potential candidates) have about their organization, employer brand and culture?

Q4. What are the most effective methods of communicating your employer brand to external audiences?

Q5. Do you have a formal employee brand ambassador program and what does it look like? What advice can you share with others for establishing one?

Q6. How do you measure the impact of your employee value proposition and employer branding efforts?

Q7. What hard lessons have you learned on the employee value proposition and employer branding journey and what advice can you share with others starting out?

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