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Taking your HR career to the next level is not always easy—even if you are a super performer at your current job. Moving to the next level often requires many different competencies and skill sets that will allow you to grow into a strategic executive who is action-oriented and who embraces technology. It also requires an understanding of your strengths and of how others view you—and this is where your personal brand steps into the picture.  

Your personal brand emerges as you create a recognizable, professional name and reputation for yourself. This is critical to your career growth. Self-awareness is key to ensuring authenticity.

You already have a personal brand, whether you know it or not, and it’s important that you are in control and manage the growth of your own brand. It impacts everything from your existing compensation to future career opportunities. When you understand who you are and can communicate your unique qualities and skill sets within your organization and to the world, you can effectively manage your brand.    

Lately, there has been increased emphasis on HR competencies as a means to increase an HR professional’s effectiveness. 



The profession is changing rapidly and organizations are now demanding greater creativity and productivity from their HR teams. HR professionals will need to possess specific competencies to support the desired results.

Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on August 12 for #Nextchat with SHRM Emerging LEAD(HR) Conference presenters Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure) and Lori Kleiman (@LoriKleiman). We’ll chat about personal branding and career development and how these topics relate to the competencies which are necessary for growth as an HR professional.

Q1. Why is personal branding so important to managing your career?

Q2. What are the best methods for developing your own personal brand?

Q3. What are some tips for communicating and promoting your personal brand internally to your organization, and also externally outside of the organization?

Q4. Why is mastering the HR competencies of communication and relationship management so important for personal branding?

Q5. What questions should HR be asking themselves and senior leaders so that HR goals are aligned with those of the organization?

Q6. How should HR work with senior leadership to accomplish organizational goals?

Q7. What are the best methods for presenting HR initiatives in a way that managers will listen?

Q8. Why is mastering the competencies of critical evaluation and business acumen important to accomplishing organizational goals?


SHRM’s Emerging LEAD(HR) Conference October 8-9 in San Antonio, Texas is designed to maximize your potential and help you differentiate yourself in a hypercompetitive talent marketplace. Learn more and register here.


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